The French Dilemma

Macron Sends Defense Chief to U.S. to Beg Trump to Keep Troops in Africa

As much as I detest Macron, he’s right on this one. The West cannot afford to let Africa deteriorate even more.

Macron Sends Defence Chief to U.S. to Beg Trump to Keep Troops in Africa

Syrian Refugee Arrested in French Anti-Terror Operation

Syrian Refugee Arrested in French Anti-Terror Operation

French Parliament Report: Migration Net Neutral for Economy, Not Positive

All these reports are B.S.

The invasion is a massive net negative.

The Muhammadan-African invasion with what, 70% on welfare? How is that ‘net-neutral’?

Other costs;

-Cultural destruction
-Civil society disruption
-No Go zones
-FGM (no cost?)
-Child marriages (no cost?)
-School degradation (no cost?)
-Welfare state implosion
-Crime, crime, crime, crime

– The collapse of tourism in the cities
– Productive J-people leaving
– Public health implications
– Overpopulation


TOPSHOT - Men look at a makeshift camp during its evacuation by police, along the Canal de Saint-Martin at Quai de Valmy in Paris, on June 4, 2018. - More than 500 migrants and refugees were evacuated on early June 4, 2018 from a makeshift camp that had been set …

A French parliamentary report has suggested that mass migration into France does not actually help boost the economy, as frequently claimed, but is only net neutral.

The report, released by Pierre-Henri Dumont of the Republicans and Stéphanie Do of President Emmanuel Macron’s Le Republique En Marche! (LREM) party, has concluded that due to the low skill level of so many migrants, mass migration has not benefited the French economy, Le Figaro reports.

The invasion of Europe by Muslims and Africans is not about economics. The white people of Europe are literally being diluted and destroyed through mass immigration, a form of stealth- genocide. France is a generation away from being majority Muslim, and then the world has a problem. We cannot have Muslims control France’s nuclear weapons. We’ll have seize them before that happens.