Al-Aqsa Mosque Address: We Should Respond to Trump Peace Plan by Conquering America


Police have arrested a man on suspicion of attempted murder after a stabbing at a mosque in central London.

20 worshippers rushed and tackled the attacker, luckily police arrived at the location at the right time. The suspect is white, 29 years old and is being charged with attempted murder.

Prayer Leader Stabbed at London Central Mosque, One Arrested

70-year-old Islamic holy man was stabbed in the neck in the Regents Park Mosque yesterday afternoon by an attacker who ‘regularly worshipped there’.

Convert to Islam Admits Plot to Blow Up St. Paul’s Cathedral…

Don’t mention it! Who needs a Cathedral when you got mosques au mas!

Yes, Muslims Are  Commanded to Hate Non-Muslims


Australia Ready to List Hezbollah as a Terrorist Organization


Saudi government notes that Muslim Brotherhood worked with Nazis during World War II

Bosnian Minister Warns 100,000 Migrants Heading For European Union in Coming Weeks

Bosnian Minister Warns 100,000 Migrants Heading For EUrope

Farage: Govt Must Make Controlling Immigration Its Top Priority

Farage: Govt Must Make  Immigration Its Top Priority

Macron Vows to Fight ‘Islamist Separatism’ with New Reforms

Macron Vows to Fight ‘Islamist Separatism’ 

He won’t do anything. Take that to the bank.

Pope Francis: Education Is ‘an Ecological Movement’

Three Cardinals Call for Relocation of Lesbos Refugees Across Europe

Three Cardinals Call for Relocation of Lesbos Refugees Across Europe

These Cardinals should be forced to take them in and care for them in their churches.


Bloomberg has partnered with Al-Jazeera. Al-Jazeera is the official network of the Qatari government. A US Presidential candidate is literally a partner with Qatar; through his business. If you know Qatar and Al-Jazeera, then you know this is wrong.


Australian ABC Pushing Polygamy:

After championing the LGBTIQP agenda and promoting homosexual marriage, their ABC is softening us up for polygamous marriage. All on your tax dollar.…/2020-02-…/zaniah-graphic-1/11953566

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