Diversity is (not) our strength

Slogan of the Day:

There is no climate crisis, there is only a mental health crisis.

Muselman shot dead by UK police wanted girlfriend to behead her parents

He sent beheadings videos to his girlfriend and told her she should kill her ‘kafir’ parents.

Who said romance was dead?

What’s wrong with that? Doesn’t every man want his inlaws beheaded?

A  Mohammedan can’t be a terrorist. Right, libturds?

Diversity is our strength.


Massive Movement To Overthrow George Soros Explodes In Macedonia


Eurocrat: Lesson from Brexit Is Take Away More National Sovereignty

He really said that. This little Adolph has huge allures!

The truth about what India’s Mohammedans desire:

The devastation of Bharat and the elimination of all Hindus from Hindustan by starting another ‘Partition’ of Hindustan.