Farraklown: “Mr. Trump killed my brother Qasem Soleimani”

He is dead because allah wanted him dead. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

Trump Administration to Strip Citizenship from Foreign-Born Terrorists, Criminals

That’s a common-sense measure all western countries should adopt.

President Donald Trump’s administration announced a new Justice Department unit focused on revoking U.S. citizenship obtained through fraud.

The new section will function as another arm of the Department of Justice’s Office of Immigration Litigation. Its purpose will be the denaturalization of those who obtained citizenship “procured by concealment of a material fact or by willful misrepresentation.” Specifically, they will target those who neglected to disclose previous terrorist or criminal activities or affiliations on their “N-400naturalization form.


Farraklown lost a brother from another mother:

Pope Francis Decries Populists’ Anti-Immigration Policies

He always does, this phony Christian.

Nigeria: 5 churches burned, many Christians killed in Boko Haram invasion

Never forget: it was Shrillary on behalf of Hussein Obama who replaced the Christian PM of Nigeria with a Moslem!


Kebab shop owners sentenced after meals contaminated with human faeces

Poisoning the kuffars is a meritorious act in the eyes of allah. It’s a form of jihad.