Islamophobia, Climate Change & Coronavirus

Woke judiciary vs progress:

Heathrow new runway ruled illegal over climate change & Paris agreement

Who needs a new runway when the world ends in 12 years?

Recep Tayyip Erdogan Calls On the Kuffar For Help

Shameless & brazen as usual. Hugh Fitzgerald sets him straight.

Suckers needed: Turkey calls for global unity in fight against Islamophobia, xenophobia

“Islamophobia” is an insult to the intelligence of every kuffar. It suggests that we are all mentally disturbed because we don’t submit to Islam.

Turkey’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Director for EU Affairs, Ambassador Faruk Kaymakci, called countries around the world to unite and cooperate in order to combat Islamophobia and xenophobia. …

The phony fears of Mustards

A third of Muslims say they’re subjected to “Islamophobia”, females are particularly concerned they could have their hijab pulled off in public. …

“Islamophobia” outbreak in UK: Muslim arrested for “Islamist-related” terror offenses

Remember: our children are being taught in colleges and universities that counterterror operations are “manifestations of Islamophobia.” How long before the Counter Terrorism Policing South East (CTPSE) is shut down?

Burqa-clad woman Something under a burqa explains how Sharia overrides Dutch values, customs, and law:

The Power of Trump

Iran: Muslim cleric blames Trump for coronavirus outbreak in Islamic holy city of Qom

#Trump’s supernatural powers are killing Mustards!

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  1. Qom….z?!…blaming Trump!…Trump doesnt even know that it exists, let alone the rest of America…

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