Islamic Sedition

The Islamic State claimed responsibility for yesterday’s terror attack by Sudesh Amman, the late culture-enricher who stabbed several people on the street in South London.

China Scolds U.S. for ‘Creating, Spreading Fear’ over Outbreak

Boris Admits ‘Really Very Few’ Islamists Can Be Rehabilitated, ‘We Need to Be Frank About That’

Boris Admits ‘Really Very Few’ Islamists Can Be Rehabilitated

Is he about so see the light? I won’t hold my breath.

Trudeau Minister Proposes Forcing News Websites to Have Govt Licence

Trudeau Govt. Proposes Forced Licensing for News Sites… Breitbart in Crosshairs

Turdeau has taken Canada on a trip to Canuckistan.

Canadian Gov’t Investigates Ezra Levant for Book Criticizing Justin Trudeau

The new totalitarians are no different from the old Bolsheviks.

Apple And Google Under Fire for App Store Duopoly

George Soros: Mark Zuckerberg Should Not Be in Control of Facebook

Soros: Zuck Should Not Be in Control of Facebook…

The old geezer is on the way out, but he’s got hundreds of subversive groups doing his dirty work. And they are all cashed up with billions of dollars from his ill gotten gains.

French Bishop Concerned over Anti-Christian Attacks In His Diocese

The poor bishop wouldn’t be the only one. It seems the others are just afraid to speak out.


No Christians in UK’s Syrian refugee intake

Of course not. The Mohammedan Kapo’s in the camps are making sure that only hardcore headbangers get refugee status.

Islamic Sedition

Sedition seems such an archaic concept here in the Modern Multicultural 21st century. It isn’t even against the law anymore in the UK. But what would you call Islam in the West, if not sedition?


Islamic Sedition

by Michael Copeland

Sedition is not dead: it is being actively pursued by Islamic hard-liners. It is not harmless, nor is it some quaint relic of bygone times. It is dangerous. Alarmingly, in the UK in 2010 under David Cameron, sedition was made no longer a crime. It remains a crime in the USA.

What is sedition? It happens when public actions such as speeches and demonstrations espouse disobedience of the law, or opposition to authority. This makes them “insurrection against the established order”. Insurrection means active disobedience, such as revolution. Sedition is a direct challenge to government — to the order established by the legislature. It is opposition to our way of life, our laws, our values, our culture.

Sedition is being assisted by hard-line Islamic speakers and demonstrators. They do so by openly promoting Sharia law. Sharia law is “incompatible with the fundamental principles of democracy” (European Court, 2003). Its exponents assure their listeners that it overrides “man-made laws”. Hear Mustafa Carroll of CAIR:

If we are practising Muslims we are above the law of the land

Islam has no interest in democracy. Hear Fouad Belkacem, alias Abu Imran, of Sharia4Belgium,

Democracy is the opposite of Sharia and Islam

To “Impose Sharia Law on All Mankind”, using force if necessary, is the agenda of Islam, but it is not normally revealed in such an open manner. Usually it is phrased in careful euphemisms, so as to appear neutral and anodyne.

Anjem Choudary speaks of “calling” for Sharia. Like calling a dog? No. Imam Rauf of the Ground Zero Mosque spoke of “introducing” Sharia to “help” muslims live their lives according to Islam. Samir Khan, of New York, North Carolina, and Al Qaeda, wished to “install” Islam all over the world. Choudary calls for Sharia to be “implemented”. Tariq Ramadan told his listeners to “spread” Islamic Sharia law. Let it be clear: these are disguises. Muslims are not seeking anything so tiresome as agreement or consent from the public, nor are they promoting any Bill before Congress or Parliament. These phrases all mean “inflict by force”.

The imposition of Sharia by force has already been happening in Tower Hamlets, London. A teacher, whose job included giving accounts of different religions, was ambushed by several Muslim men and bludgeoned almost to death with a brick. Under Sharia only Muslims may explain Islam. A non-Muslim woman was told to wear a headscarf or be killed. A lone American student who had been to a bar was ambushed and badly beaten by a gang of Muslim men for drinking alcohol.

Sharia law’s “Commanding the Right and Forbidding the Wrong” includes the right “to directly hit or kick” (Manual of Islamic Law q5.8). Anjem Choudary announced that Muslim patrols would uphold Sharia “in a swift Islamic manner”. That incident shows what it means. Choudary’s predecessor and master, Omar Bakri, instructed muslims not to co-operate with police, not to give them any help, not to recognise them. Unsurprisingly very little help came in answer to an appeal by police to identify those filmed doing the assault. Eventually they were identified and tried.

Also in Tower Hamlets passers-by have been accosted, insulted, and threatened for being in un-Islamic dress, or carrying beer, or allegedly “being gay”. This is Sharia violence in action. It undermines and countermands Western law. It subverts the constitution and incites resistance to lawful authority: that is the definition of sedition.

Sharia law bears no relation to English law, US law, or any European law. English law, as it happens, was actually set down in writing before Islam’s calendar even began in 622 CE: it exists transcribed in the Textus Roffensis. Sharia is seventh-century desert tribal practice imposed by thuggery and maintained by thuggery. “Sharia Rules Enforced” said the illegal posters put up in Tower Hamlets. Force is an integral part of Sharia. Osama bin Laden explained it years ago, but no-one listened:

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2 thoughts on “Islamic Sedition”

  1. As Moe Vicious might have sang, had he tolerated music:

    I am the Antichrist!
    I am an Islamist!
    I know what Moe wants
    and I know how to get it
    I wanna destroy, infidels
    Cause I, wanna be, a jihadi!

    Shariah for the UK!
    Shariah for the UK!


  2. Islam is inherently a form of SEDITION – because it never agreed with the Christian notion of separating secular (road-paving, taxation) and religious realms (render unto Caesar) and went with “Render The World Unto Muhammad!”

    So it doesn’t believe in national sovereignty, preferring global theocracy (‘ummah’) ruled by the Caliphate government!

    Islam is ONLY a crime syndicate, and the only “religious” part in it’s where they say: “God told us to commit these crimes!

    Muslims are never national citizens; they regard all national sovereignties as temporary, man-made false idols which must all be eventually destroyed and replaced with the one-world global muslim Ummah, to be ruled by their theocratic caliphate, and their duty is to wage offensive war to extort, enslave, and murder all the non-muslims. Terrorism is an inherent, not an incidental, nor in any way a “radical,” component of islam.


    No self-determined muslim believes in any sovereign national governments nor countries at all, ever!

    Sharia is allegedly the perfect law of allah, based directly on the Qur’an!

    So it always applies to all humans everywhere!


    Recall the Ayatollah Khomeini’s words during his 1980 speech in Qom, the Shi’ite spiritual hub:

    “We do not worship Iran, we worship Allah. For patriotism is another name for paganism. I say let this land burn. I say let this land [Iran] go up in smoke, provided Islam emerges triumphant in the rest of the world.”

    So, since islam is a subversive anti-national and anti-legal entity, why on earth are any of its “muslim” members ever afforded any legal standing to promote their criminal treasonous sedition, before any of our courts of law?!

    Islam’s Sharia is either compatible with our Western, morality-based law (in which case it is superfluous) or it is not (in which case it is illegal).

    There is only one universally accepted version of sharia crime (‘law’) and that is the original, Haneefite version as recorded in The Hedaya and used by the Ottoman Empire to rule all of islam for centuries; all moslems in all their countries are very aware of its simple might-makes-right and us-versus-them tenets and strictures.

    There is really only one Qur’an, one islam, and one sharia.

    And since islam is inherently SEDITION against ALL sovereign national countries (which it regards as only temporary man-made false idols, to be eventually destroyed and replaced by the global muslim Ummah, ruled by their theocratic Caliphate government) because since the Qur’an and subsequent sharia elaborations embody “god’s” perfect laws which are to apply to all mankind everywhere, why would anyone ever need any merely human legislators (even ‘democratically elected’ ones)?!

    So, since islam is a subversive anti-national and anti-legal entity, why on earth are any of its “muslim” members ever afforded any legal standing to promote their criminal treasonous sedition, before any of our courts of law?!

    Allowing foreign (sharia “law”) courts to exist in your country is to enable those foreign governments to govern in your country; it’s obviously TREASON.

    Nation-hating leftist racists love islam because it’s full of poor oppressed angry violent noble swarthy savages who hate the idea of nations as much as they do! They think they can control muslims by coddling them, and aim the muslims at their mutual enemies – at the hard-working civilized patriotic nationalists.

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