Moslem invasion in the age of the Coronavirus

Canada to partner with George Soros and the UN on welcoming more refugees 

When they wake up, Canada will be no more. Just wondering if Turdeau will ever be held responsible for the damage he does to this country.

Immigration Minister John McCallum revealed that Canada is about to announce a new partnership with the American billionaire George Soros and the UN Refugee– Never Again Canada

When the Leftist Mob Comes For You

When the Leftist Mob Comes For You They are coming for everything you have. 

“There is no freedom of speech because the ordinary man and woman can no longer say how they feel. They cannot question what they are being forced to accept. They cannot express a different view if they want to keep their jobs or their homes.
When the truth is classified as hate speech, everything is an arrestable offense. America has had a taste of this. But it is nothing compared to the UK… yet.
Here no one speaks. Speaking outside approved thought results in a police offSee More

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