Is this the final jihad?

Once again, millions of Mohammedans are  getting ready to march into once Christian Europe:

Athens says it will push back any undocumented migrants from Turkey as Ankara opens borders for Europe-bound refugees.

Greece closes borders, deploys army, helicopters, and naval warships to defend Europe from foreign invaders sent by Turkish regime

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said 18,000 refugees and migrants  soldiers of allah had gathered on the Turkish borders with Europe since Friday, adding that the number could reach as many as 30,000 on Saturday.

Turkey opens its border with Syria for another flood of Muslim migrants into the EU

“The Turkish government has announced that for the next 72 hours it will open its border with Syria and allow any and all migrants to go to Europe unhindered.”

Greece sends 50 naval vessels to guard border after Turkey opens gates to Muslim migrants

The inventors of Western civilization are now standing in the breach and defending what’s left of Western civilization. But will the European Union force Greece to stand down?

Turkey’s Erdogan Will Not ‘Close the Gates’ to Europe-bound Migrants

Turkey’s Erdogan Will Not ‘Close the Gates’ to Europe-bound Migrants

U.N. Chief Guterres Wants to ‘Urgently’ Redistribute Power and Fight ‘Gender Inequality’

U.N. Chief: Redistribute Power and Fight ‘Gender Inequality’

This Portuguese Marxist is probably the worst useful idiot for the job.

Riots in France:

2 thoughts on “Is this the final jihad?”

  1. So little Greece is finally tired of taking it up the ass, and is preparing at last to defend its own borders. Great. But when (not “if”) the EUSSR under East German Chancellor Merkel, orders them to open their legs, asses, and borders to the Muhammadan filth again, will they Submit willingly, or GREXIT as fast and hard as they can? Will Merkel’s attempts to sanction the Greeks into Submission backfire and wake up the rest of the ‘Woke’ European nations still in thrall to globalist communist collectivism, or not?

  2. Why is the UN chief not wearing sunglasses like the woman next to him?

    Who is she anyway?

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