“The Qur’an made it permissible to take infidel women as slaves and rape them”

‘No known effective’ treatment for new coronavirus: WHO

Alarm over UK government plan to amend early prison release rule

Experts say changing early release law for ‘terror’ convicts could harm civil liberties, create two-tier justice system.


What do you value more? Your life or the civil liberties of Islamic terrorists?

UK: London jihadi said the Qur’an made it permissible to take Yazidi women as slaves and rape them

It’s not that a “London jihadi’ says it. Muhammad made it permissible.

Muhammad did it. He raped women. Muhammad is the ‘perfect man’, the greatest man ever who must be emulated by every Moslem.

UK: London jihadi’s mother says “he became more religious inside prison”

Funny how that works. They all become ‘more religious in prison”.

Expert: Threats of jihad against U.S., Israel are real

No shiite, Sherlock! But is allah willing?

Iranian students with valid visas turned back at US borders

We should be surprised that any Iranian ‘students’ are allowed to enter the US at all.

Immigration lawyers said the trend began last year but has intensified in recent weeks amid high political tensions between the US and Iran, after US President Donald Trump ordered the killing of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani on January 3.

Democrats call Trump “racist” again as he adds six new countries to “outrageous, un-American” travel ban
France: Leftist elite accused of cowardice for not supporting teen girl facing death threats after insulting Islam
You can tell by looking at this face that this is a tormented person, a person with severe mental issues. How did she become Chief Justice?
France: Justice minister accuses teen girl who insulted Islam of violating nonexistent law, “freedom of conscience”

“The French justice minister, Nicole Belloubet, has also been criticised after she failed to come to the teenager’s defence, and instead accused her of breaching a legal concept that does not exist, ‘freedom of conscience’. When she was told that none exists in French Law, Ms Belloubet apologised for her words

Only 4 of Glasgow’s 71 Muslim Refugee Child Rapists Have Gone to Prison

Can’t put Mohammedans in jail for raping infidel women. That would be “racist”.

Nigeria: Muslims vow to “take this battle across the sea,” conquer “every territory currently occupied by Kafirs”

Now you may think that is a preposterous claim by some misunderstander of Islam. But what if you’re wrong and this is basically what every devout Mohammedan believes?

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  1. Justice Ministers aren’t “chief Justices” and don’t even have to be lawyers or know the law (case in point).

    In fact, I’ve yet to hear of ANY lawyer or judge who knows the real law. They’re all no more than professional hypocrites.

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