Allah promised….

Image may contain: ‎1 person, ‎meme, ‎possible text that says '‎JEAWSLATED BY MEMRI ميمري TV MUST HAVE BEEN ON COMEDY CENTRAL Allah promised that Islam will take over the world NJ..‎'‎‎‎

Erdogan threatens Austria with full-blown religious war over Austria’s anti-jihad policies

Resisting Islam causes war for which the infidels are responsible.

Anti-Israel party in Germany discusses shooting rich people, forced labor


The Punishment for Christians Using Wells in Pakistan: Death

Asia Bibi was locked in prison on death row for nine years simply because she defended her faith when a Muslim woman told her that as a Christian she cannot drink from a well because Christians contaminate the water. On Feb. 25th Pakistani Christian Saleem Masih was beaten to death by an Islamic mob for bathing from a well. As in Asia Bibi’s case, the mob accused him of “contaminating the water.” Attacks against Christians are common in Pakistan & often go unpunished.

When Asia Bibi was working in the fields, she stopped to take a drink of water from a local well. A local Muslim woman who despised Christi…