China is Asshoe!

German Intelligence: Turkish Govt Agents Fueled Riots at Greek Border

Greek border forces should use lethal ammo to deal with the invaders.

The BND accuses Turkish forces of intermixing with migrants along the border and posing as migrants themselves, throwing rocks and other missiles at Greek forces in an effort to incite riots and facilitate a breakthrough into Greece and the European Union.

Coronavirus: Italy’s Total Death Toll Exceeds 10,000

Italy: Death Toll Exceeds 10,000

Coronavirus: Spain Logs 832 Fatalities in 24 hours, IMF Confirms World In Recession

Spain Logs 832 Fatalities in 24 hours, IMF Confirms World In Recession…

Spain: ‘Youths’ Attack Ambulances Transporting Elderly Coronavirus Patients

“Youths” is code for Mohammedans.

Support for Hong Kong Protesters Grows Even as Coronavirus Prevents Demonstrations

Massive Protest Breaks Out in China’s Hubei Province, Ground Zero for the Coronavirus


Thousands Brawl on Bridge Connecting Coronavirus Ground Zero to Rest of China

Crowd Overturns Police Cars, Steals Riot Gear

Nicolás Maduro: U.S. ‘Extremist and Vulgar’ to Offer Reward for My Capture

Maduro: U.S. ‘Extremist and Vulgar’ to Offer Reward for My Capture

That’s kind of cute, but it won’t save his a$$.

Canuckistan: Great Time for a 50% Carbon Tax Increase

Spending $2.2 trillion, not all of it constructively, when we are already $26,606,000,000,000.00+ in debt may not be the ideal way to address the economic damage inflicted by the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic, but at least it beats sticking another knife into the economy by jacking up a demented carbon tax by 50% at the worst possible time, as they are doing north of the border. Rebel News reports on what Justin Trudeau et al are inflicting on Canada:

On the positive side, now the whole planet will enjoy perfect weather, thanks to Canada preventing the climate from fluctuating with this economy-smothering tax. (Moonbattery)

Nigeria: Muslim leader says coronavirus is a Western hoax to keep Muslims from practising Islam

If pressed, this brave soldier of allah would also tell you that Boko Haram are ‘good people’ who only want justice or something…

Norway extradite jihadist preacher to Italy despite COVID-19 concerns

Fundamentalist preacher Mullah Krekar was on Thursday extradited from Norway to Italy, a decision his lawyer has condemned citing concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Krekar has today been extradited to Italy,” the Norwegian Justice Ministry announced on Thursday.

The 63-year old preacher, real name Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad, was arrested in Norway in July 2019 after an Italian court sentenced him to 12 years in jail for terrorist conspiracy. Italian authorities accuse him of leading an organisation with alleged links to the so-called Islamic State.