Corona blessing for Iran!


The media is creating an all-out panic. They are destroying small businesses, crushing 401(k)s, and worse yet, terrifying people. They are rooting for recession, destruction, and death. The mainstream media is garbage. They are the enemy of the people.


NZ: Islamic Women’s Council calls on security forces worldwide to focus on “alt-right” and “white supremacists”

This is gaslighting & taqiyya at the same time. It is astonishing to see people go along with it. If our people still had natural defence reflexes, they would publicly ridicule the Islamic women’s council & dismiss their idiocy out of hand. But since Islam has become a holy cow, there won’t be anyone speaking out against this idiotic attempt at deflection. It was similar, if not worse, when the Australian ASIO  director-general Mike Burgess fantasised about “the rise of Neo-Nazis” & parroted his UK counterpart last month.

Scotland: Teen in Serious Condition After Gang of ‘Asian Boys’ Stamp Head

Head-chopping & head-stomping are Mohammedan specialities. Europeans have yet to come to terms with their barbarian practices.

The Iranian regime is doing anything it can to diminish the seriousness of the coronavirus outbreak in Iran.

Khamenei Dismisses Coronavirus Outbreak in New Video — Even Calls it a “Blessing”

WTF! Why are dictators so quick to let their people die unnecessarily? “Covid 19” has caused 1000 Iranian deaths so far! Perhaps it just means they have no way to stop it?

How’s that for irony? Apparently Allah felt like punishing weirdbeard. Islamic Scholar Who Said Coronavirus Was “Allah’s Punishment” Gets Coronavirus –

Islamic Scholar Who Said Coronavirus Was “Allah’s Punishment” Gets Coronavirus

An Islamic scholar who said the coronavirus was “Allah’s punishment” for China’s treatment of Muslims now has coronavirus.

How ironic.

Back in February, Hadi Al-Modarresi, who is based in Iran, said that the coronavirus outbreak was “undoubtedly an act of Allah that is divine punishment against the Chinese for their treatment, mockery, and disrespect towards Muslims and Islam,” reported MEMRI-TV.

Iranian Regime Is Selling Air Freshener Disguised as Anti-Bacterial Spray to Its Citizens

It’s the same as selling ‘holy water’.   No one is allowed to complain.

Licking the shrine to spread the virus:

More videos are emerging of people licking the shrines in the city of Qom #CoronaVirus, the epicentre of the epidemic in Iran.

4 thoughts on “Corona blessing for Iran!”

  1. Who knows how bad corona virus is in Iran? Probably 100 times worse than reported. And what is going on in Africa? Not many cases. Does it confirm the theory that CV19 does not spread as easily in warm climates? Another trillion dollar emergency in the US? Trump has gotta stay strong.

  2. Sheik, you and your readers may be interested in an article entitled ‘Iranians are losing their Islamic Religion,’ as it appeared in ‘Virtue Online,’ a traditionalist Christian web site. The article suggests that the overwhelming majority of Iranians have rejected Islam, with many becoming Atheists. In addition, one writer claimed in 2019 that more Iranians had become Christians in the past twenty-five years than in the past thirteen centuries combined. Big changes may be happening underneath the surface in that particular Middle East country. One can but hope.

    1. Thanks, Gray.

      I wouldn’t be holding my breath.

      Christian groups have been putting out articles like that for more than 30 years. Especially about Africa, where Christians are being decimated everywhere. Feelgood stories like this about Iran are highly suspect & must be taken with a grain of salt. The leadership of the Catholic church is rattled by scandals & Pope Francis is an Islamopandering communist & a global warming loon, so don’t get your hopes too high.

      I spent a fair bit of time in Iran during the time of the Shah. It was the most modern place in the ME apart from Lebanon, which was destroyed by jihad 6 years earlier.

      As long as the mad mullahs hold the reins of power I will certainly not go back there for any reason.

  3. This virus will be the perfect excuse for globalist banksters to centralize their automated control by banning cash entirely, because after all it goes hand-to-hand, spreading germs, doesn’t it?

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