Turks start shooting at Greek border guards

#Trump has to pull the plug! Turkey out of NATO!


Greece: “Far-right” activists in violent clashes to ‘defend Europe’ against migrants

Anything “Far-Right” must be taken with a grain of salt. The fake news journaille calls every conservative “far-right”.


FBI missed chances to stop several jihad massacres in the US, failed to investigate suspected jihadis

No surprises here. The FBI gets its instructions from the MuBros, thanks to Hussein Obama.

Enthusiasm for the Paris Agreement is on the wane

Maurice Newman The Spectator Australia 7 March 2020

For those able to exploit it, the global warming bandwagon is the gift that keeps on giving. Just like the Greens who blame bushfires on Prime Minister Scott Morrison for their own policy dereliction in hazard reduction, the Washington-based International Monetary Fund urges us to accept a ‘climate emergency’ for its obvious shortcomings.

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