Dem Subversives See opportunity: “those Who Don’t Share Our View are collateral damage”

DemRats Block Senate Coronavirus Package

One thought on “Dem Subversives See opportunity: “those Who Don’t Share Our View are collateral damage””

  1. On Monday, Democrats in the U.S. Senate blocked a $2 trillion bipartisan bailout effort they had negotiated with Republicans. Later that day, Democrats in the House of Representatives filed their own coronavirus bill, stuffed with liberal pet projects. The $2.5 trillion bill includes many provisions entirely unrelated to the coronavirus.

    In H.R. 6379, Nancy Pelosi’s Democrats took the opportunity to smuggle in some wish-list items that have nothing to do with the virus.

    Here are nine of the most egregious proposals.

    1. Minority banks
    Identity politics provisions are nothing new in Democratic bills, but this coronavirus emergency package includes a specific program to help banks and credit unions owned by blacks, Native Americans, Hispanic Americans, Asian Americans, and women.

    2. Violence against women
    No coronavirus response would be complete without… $300 million in funding for programs to prevent and prosecute violence against women, right? This certainly would not be a diversion from fighting the coronavirus…

    3. Funds for the Kennedy Center
    Yes, the Democrats’ coronavirus emergency spending bill includes $35 million earmarked for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Why should the Kennedy Center receive this money, instead of all the other theaters across America? Why does theater feature in the coronavirus bill?

    4. AIDS funding
    Pelosi’s bill sets aside $90 million to fund the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program. Which disease is this bill fighting again?

    5. LGBTQ+ financial literacy
    Neither abortion nor Planned Parenthood is specifically mentioned in Pelosi’s coronavirus spending bill, but another social issue found itself smuggled in. The bill provides for a “Financial Literacy Education Commission Emergency Response” which would “place special emphasis on providing an additional set of tools geared towards women, racial and ethnic minorities, veterans, disabled, and LGBTQ+ communities.” Financial literacy is important, but why the focus on this interest group?

    6. Collective bargaining
    On Monday, Townhall’s Guy Benson warned that Democrats were trying to smuggle collective bargaining into their coronavirus bill in order to pander to unions. Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) confirmed his report, and indeed Pelosi’s bill includes a collective bargaining provision. At a time when many Americans have been told they can’t come to work and many don’t know how much longer they’ll have a paycheck, wealthy politicians in Washington, D.C., are exploiting a needed relief package in order to satisfy their public union masters.

    7. Airline carbon emissions reporting
    Pelosi’s bill does include funds for the airline industry, which is suffering acutely during the social distancing strategy to fight the coronavirus. Yet that money comes with conditions. First, the federal government “shall require each air carrier receiving assistance … to fully offset the annual carbon emissions of such air carriers for domestic flights beginning in 2025.”

    8. $15 minimum wage
    Democrats managed to smuggle in a $15/hour minimum wage into the coronavirus bill — as a “permanent requirement” on all companies receiving federal aid.

    9. Sixty pages on elections
    Last but not least, the coronavirus legislation has 60 pages of federal mandates for elections. Worse, the bill includes a provision for ballot harvesting. The legislation enables political operatives in every state to come to a voter’s house to pick up his or her ballot and take it to the polling station. States are already working around the clock to keep their elections functioning during this national emergency. The last thing they need is for the federal government to impose unnecessary and time consuming mandates.

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