Warming Caused Coronavirus?

You knew this was coming:

Everything causes globull worming & the warming caused the Coronavirus.

My head hurts. Stop it!

Diseases that come with climate change

Coronavirus catastrophists have lately stolen all the apocalypse attention from climate change cranks – but those doughty doomers are fighting back.

Iraqi cleric Muqtada al-Sadr would reject any coronavirus vaccine made by ‘infidel’ America

That’s the spirit. But when he had his hemorrhoids operated he went to infidel UK, that hypocritical POS!

Bosnia: Six Middle Eastern migrants arrested for raping underage girls, four more for drug dealing

Six Middle Eastern migrants were arrested on Wednesday in Bosnia and Herzegovina on charges of raping unaccompanied minors who were living at the same camp.

In addition to the six migrants from Afghanistan and Pakistan who taken in by authorities on rape charges, four additional migrants who were staying at the same camp were arrested on suspicion of drug possession and trafficking, AFP reports.

Molotov Cocktails Thrown at Greek Border as over 700 Attempt Crossing

Video footage has emerged of war-like scenes on the Greek land border with Turkey as over 700 migrants attempted to illegally cross the border.

The footage allegedly shows the results of migrants from the Turkish side of the border using Molotov cocktails and setting fires along the Greek border fence in an effort to break through into Europe between Wednesday and Thursday.