We must not call it ‘WuHuFlu’, it’s COVID-19 in PC lingo

“For the past two days, New Yorkers have been dying at a rate of one every 17 minutes, according to the latest grim citywide statistics.”

On both Thursday and Friday, another 84 people died in the city from the coronavirus, as the number of positive cases and of those who are critically ill also climbed.

Greeks repel violent foreign Mohammedan invaders along its border –

Voice of Europe

Spitting is just so obnoxious.

‘Orwellian new law’ seeks to ban cash transactions over $10,000

Never let a good crisis go to waste. Big government goes for another power grab.

‘You F**king Dog’: Woman Faces Court After Allegedly Repeatedly Spitting On Police Officer

Mohammedan behaviour is deplorable. Surprised? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Marcia Langton is a primitive savage.

Just the kind that nutroots from ABC/SBS like to present to their progressive fan club:

Some idiots made her a professor. You know, the same way they made Barry Soetoro aka Hussein Obama a ‘professor’:

Professor wishes a slow and painful death on Mark Latham as she looks forward to “a life without hate”
University of Melbourne professor, Marcia Langton, sent Mark Latham a vile message of hate last week, stating, “you so deserve a slow, painful death and humiliating obituaries eg ‘Australia celebrates…