You can’t say ‘Chinese virus’ because that could hurt someones feelings

Iran Kicks Out Doctors Without Borders, Claims No Need for Coronavirus Aid

“Trying to reduce economic inequality by increasing political inequality, which is essentially what Marxism is all about, has cost the lives of millions of innocent people under Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and others.”
– Thomas Sowell

Italian Doctor: Fears of Racism Stopped Italy from Closing Borders to Virus Carriers

– The Rundown News

China Is Innocent: Says U.N. and World Health Organization Reject Claim it Launched Coronavirus Pandemic

These whores will say anything for a price.

BEIJING, CHINA - MARCH 24: A Chinese tourist information clerk wears a protective mask as she works in a kiosk in the arrivals area at Beijing Capital International Airport on March 24, 2020 in Beijing, China. In an effort to prevent imported cases of the virus, China's capital will enforce …

The global coronavirus pandemic did not start in China, a spokesman for the Chinese Communist Party declared Tuesday, claiming support from both the United Nations (U.N.) and World Health Organization (WHO) in rejecting “hurtful” U.S. allegations to the contrary as “bald-faced racism and xenophobia.”

Complain about ChiComs causing a global pandemic that kills tens of thousands of people you are guilty of ‘racism & xenophobia’. F*kc off!

University of California: Saying ‘Chinese Virus’ Projects ‘Hatred Towards Asian Communities’

U. of Calif.: Saying ‘Chinese Virus’ Projects ‘Hatred Towards Asian Communities’

You can’t say “Chinese virus” because it could hurt somebody’s feelings. Never mind getting infected… right?