Coronavirus, Migrants & Mohammedanism

Italy Closes All Ports to Migrant Transport NGOs, Deeming Country ‘Not Safe’

That is sensible.

French Prostitutes Demand Bailout

Does no one have a heart for these poor girls?

EU’s New Chief Scientist Quits, Blames Extremely Poor Coronavirus Response

The EU is worthless, hopeless & nothing but a black hole for communist megalomaniacs.

 While Spain endures nationwide lockdown, hundreds of military-aged migrants storm border fence (Watch)


Black people are overwhelmingly dying from coronavirus in cities across the US

OMG! Some a$$holes trying to stir up a race-war!

Trump should stop all payments, permanently.

Global Consumer Group Launches Campaign to Defund WHO…


Tadros should hold his begging bowl out to the Chinese. They pay him, they own him & they caused the problem.

Pope Francis Disgraces Himself

He constantly does. But he seems to have a fan club.


BBC is “saddened about the loss of spiritual connection of Muslims”

‘Allahu Akbar’ echoes across Britain as BBC broadcasts ‘Azaan’ for the first time. No such programs are planned for Hindus or Jews.

BBC also broadcasts Imam’s recitation of verses from the Holy Quran and quotes of Holy Prophet before delivering the sermon and leading the listeners in prayers. Every Friday the program ‘Islamic Reflections’ led by an Imam will be broadcasted.

“Local radio is all about connecting communities, and we hope these weekly reflections will go some way to helping Muslims feel a sense of community while they are isolating,” said Chris Burns, the head of BBC Local Radio.

BBC informed that there are currently there are no plans for regular broadcasts of other religious minorities like Hindus and Jews.

The German government has agreed to accept 50 unaccompanied “children and youths” from the migrant camps on the Greek islands, according to official sources.