Islamic Holy Man: Hatred and Hostility is a Part of Our Faith…

“Hatred and Hostility is a Part of Our Faith”…

“Normalizing [Relations] With [The Jews] Is Haram; It Is Forbidden”

Has anyone noticed that every time President Trump mentions human trafficking, the White House press corps ignores it and shifts gears to another topic?

They do that EVERY single time.

Also in America, Democratic Governors are releasing prisoners, while arresting law-abiding citizens for surfing in the ocean.
In other news:
Erdogan Pushes for Islamic Call to Prayer in Europe…


Italy Closes Ports to Migrant Transport NGOs, Deeming Country ‘Not Safe’

In related news, the migrant-rescue ship Moslem ferry Alan Kurdi is still searching for a European port that will allow it to offload its “refugees”.

French Official Says Quarantine Should Not be Enforced in Migrant Areas to Avoid Riots

Islam is a state within a state. Once they have the numbers, all bets are off. It’s only a matter of time before the knives come out and the natives are annihilated.

COVID-19 Reveals the True Nature of Muslim ‘Charity’: Help Their Own, Hate Everyone Else

Raymond Ibrahim

Islamic State Wives: ‘Only Infidels Will Die’ of Chinese Coronavirus

Islamic State Wives: ‘Only Infidels Will Die’ of Coronavirus

These bitches are well taken care of.

Unlike these miserable bastards:

'We need food': Tunisians struggle under coronavirus lockdown


‘We need food’: Tunisians struggle under coronavirus lockdown

Tensions rise in Tunisia as people struggle to cope with hunger and unemployment amid coronavirus outbreak.

Donald Trump Jokes: Dr. Anthony Fauci Could Beat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a Primary

Trump Jokes: Dr. Anthony Fauci Could Beat AOC

This is really a great speech Donald Trump gave before he was elected. The man is absolutely on the money:

‘Health Thugs’: El Salvador’s Gangs Reportedly Enforcing Coronavirus Quarantine

2 thoughts on “Islamic Holy Man: Hatred and Hostility is a Part of Our Faith…”

  1. Remove every islam and African Tribal conspirator from their infiltrated Authoritive/Representative positions and incarcerate (or whatever is required) each and every one of these Traitors who have assisted and aided the islam and the African Tribal invasion of Australia.

    Then …
    Do whatever is needed to remove islam the islams and the African Tribals from Australia.

  2. It is really amazing. Their preachers keep telling us they hate us and their god wants them to kill us. Our leaders response – No that is some extremist, a hijacker of Islam. Islam is not the threat. These guys are exceptions. I can show you a preacher who tells me Islam loves us. And that preacher says people who say the koran is full of hate are liars and I believe him! What? Should I read the koran? Why? I have tons of Islamic preachers and leaders who tell me Islam is full of love for the nonbelievers. You can’t call all those people liars!

    And that is how it goes.

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