“Sunlight and bleach”

Biden Says He Will Not Put America First If President

If Tara Reade had accused @realDonaldTrump and not@JoeBidenshe’d be on the front page of every magazine and have a book at #1 in the New York Times bestseller list by now.

Latest Numbers from Italy Prove Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx Are Needlessly Destroying US Economy 

Interesting that Giuliani is going after Fauci. I doubt he is doing that without Trump’s ok.

Thanks to Pat Condell:

Good video that explains how @BBCNews dishonestly edited a lengthy press briefing to misrepresent what #Trump said about disinfectant, and to misrepresent the facts. This is political activism, not news reporting.

BBC lies & fakery: editing and manipulating Trump “sunlight and bleach” press briefing


Leaked Note Tells French Police to Limit Interventions During Ramadan
The French, like the Brits & so many others, have become pandering dolts for Islam. This voluntary submission is known as dhimmitude.

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  1. Someday soon he’ll be sitting in a circle at an aged care centre looking at old I Love Lucy episodes and being Mr President in his own mind.

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