The Coronavirus doesn’t stop the Islamic invasion

Poisonous Moslem of the Day Photo:

Taliban Blame Western Sin for Virus – Demand Western Medicine…
The new numbers for “projected Corona deaths”:

The organization who makes these models will not release their raw data for those models, just like the Hockey Stick fraudster, Mann, who sued Mark Steyn in a Vancouver court and lost because he also refused to produce the data he used to make that model. Which makes one wonder how accurate these models are, and what is the actual motive behind them.

British Prime Minister Boris “BoJo” Johnson is no longer in ICU, but is still hospitalized with the ChiCom flu. Meanwhile, as many as 150 members of the Saudi royal family are thought to be afflicted with the disease. Also, the EU has agreed to a €500 billion coronavirus rescue package.

WHO head cries racism to cover for his enabling of China’s lies about coronavirus

All through January, Tedros and his minions vouched for Chinese authorities’ lies about the coronavirus, misleading other nations’ health authorities into underestimating the threat.

Trump is right: the rotten World Health Organisation should be reformed or abolished


Donald Trump Announces Hold on World Health Organization Funding

It shouldn’t just be on hold. We should stop paying third world thugs, period.

WHO director hits back at Trump threat to defund agency


In other news, two boats carrying at least 25 illegal migrants were intercepted crossing the English Channel to the UK.


Those on board identified themselves as Iraqi, Iranian and Afghan.
Eight migrants who said they were children are undergoing “age assessments”, while others were taken to Dover and transferred to immigration officials.

“Macron meets with controversial chloroquine doctor touted by Trump”

Reprehensible headline by Politico. Dr. Raoult is a world-renowned epidemiologist who is gathering critical data that is saving lives worldwide: “Macron meets with controversial chloroquine doctor touted by Trump” – POLITICO

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Did you know that in 2017 the World Bank created a “pandemic bond” that is set to mature in July 2020?

If there’s a declared pandemic by June 2020, which they already declared – they don’t have to pay the investors.

But if no pandemic was declared – they’d have to pay the investors.

In 2017, the World Bank designed a new way to raise money: Pandemic Emergency Financing bonds.

Over $425 million worth of such bonds, which bet against a global outbreak of infectious diseases will default if WHO declares the coronavirus a pandemic, were sold by the World Bank in its first-ever issuance of catastrophe bonds. In the event of no pandemic, investors would be paid a healthy annualized return.

The bonds were administered in two tranches, with Class A bond investors receiving a return of 6.9% annually. Class B bond investors received 11.5% annually. The World Bank raised $225 million in Class A bonds and $95 million in Class B bonds.

In other words, it’s a created virus and scam to fleece investors AND wreak havoc on world economies so as to raise $320 million in bonds with no pay back.

Investors betting big against catastrophic diseases are watching the World Health Organization closely as insurance bonds tied to whether the organization labels COVID-19 a pandemic are set to mature in June.