Turkey’s coronavirus cases highest in Middle East

Switzerland, Texas, and Jacksonville, Florida have all decided to begin easing their coronavirus restrictions. Meanwhile, Austrian mosques will remain closed, despite the start of Ramadan. Also, Russia’s number of coronavirus cases increased by more than 4,000 in a single day.

In other news, Germany will take in 50 underage migrants this weekend from the Greek camps. (GoV)

Several Philippine soldiers killed in clashes with Abu Sayyaf
Several Philippine soldiers killed in clashes with Abu Sayyaf

Eleven soldiers killed, 14 others wounded following a firefight with armed group, which pledged allegiance to ISIL.


The evidence is building that hydroxyquinine in conjunction with zinc is an effective treatment of the COVID-19 virus, and cures people by killing off the virus. Several other treatments are advocated by medical practitioners.  

A vaccine will not be necessary or desirable when an effective treatment is implemented. Because any patents on hydroxyquinine have long since expired, politicians who are controlled by lobbyists working See More


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  1. The following article also applies to Australia
    However in the Australian political landscape they are all on the left (authorities politicians judiciary (w)academics – elected and appointed)
    … and require removal and permanent incarceration so the islam and Criminal African Tribal problems they created can be remedied

    April 18, 2020
    The Hate-Trump Club mission statement
    By Patricia McCarthy

    We are the left
    (aka … leftoids socialist communists marxists … and every derogative name you want to describe the jealous envious lazy).

    The sole reason for our existence is to see Donald Trump removed from office. We also intend to bring about his and his family’s total personal destruction. He must be demolished. He is a man of the people, not one of us. He dwells not in our swamp.

    The (the summary of the) goals of our mission and the story of our execution of our mission are as follows:

    1) We will fabricate any lie, any false narrative, to infect the minds of the American people to the degree they will not support President Donald Trump.

    2) We endeavor to use the media to achieve our ends. …

    3) We will enlist an array of billionaires to fund our overt and covert organizations aligned with our purpose: George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Tom Steyer, SPLC, etc. …

    4) We will embrace the aid and comfort of the CIA, the FBI and the DOJ, despite our historic animus against them. …

    5) We attempted to impeach Trump with that phone call to the president of Ukraine but House Democrats Adam Schiff and Speaker Nancy Pelosi royally messed up that plan. …

    6) To our delight, COVID-19 has appeared on the scene. Damn if Trump wasn’t on top of it from day one. …

    7) We successfully engineered the total lockdown of the American economy. How brilliant was that? We coerced the president into accepting the advice of Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx, even though their predictions were wildly off base. …

    8) For the past month, though, we have to endure those daily briefings with Trump and his task force. Damn he’s good! We have our media plants in there doing their level best to trip him up, to make him say something we can use to make him look the fool. …

    9) We had all our Democrat governors on board with this lockdown, but now that Trump has handed them guidelines for undoing it, we may be in trouble. Republican governors are all chomping at the bit to end it. …

    10) So we made an error in judgment. Americans don’t like to “shelter-in-place” for long. …

    11) It seems our mission statement has become an admission of defeat. Joe Biden cannot possibly be elected president; he’s clearly suffering from dementia. … Meanwhile, President Trump has demonstrated an astonishing leadership quality and a mastery of the facts of all pressing issues. He has foiled us at every turn. We fear he may win in November. All of our plans have seemingly failed. …

    12) So it is with great sadness we must admit our own defeat. Americans are never going to submit to top-down authoritarian control. As it turns out, those millions of Americans between the coasts are familiar with the Constitution, unlike Gov. Phil Murhpy of New Jersey who said the Bill of Rights is above his pay grade.” They are informed voters. They can’t be fooled. They know all too well that Nancy Pelosi is a power-mad pol without a shred of concern for any people or persons. They know that Adam Schiff is pathologically obsessed with destroying Trump. They know the Democratic Party has morphed into something more like Castro’s or Maduro’s regimes. And they know that our media are as corrupt as Russia’s state-controlled press. It is our damnable First Amendment that has allowed all those upstart conservative media to thrive.

    13) Well, 13 is the unlucky number. Our club is unlucky indeed. We’ve sabotaged ourselves. We misjudged the American people. They simply will not be sufficiently submissive; it is not in their nature, no matter what party with which they are affiliated. …

  2. This lockdown is destroying far more lives than it’s saving, and the main reason they want to shelter people from this virus is so the masses can’t develop immunity before they can sell you the vaccine for it.

    And of course they already have the vaccine, even as they pretend to be expending money and working hard at “developing” it, to justify the price they will charge to gullible and complicit Governments, based on the alleged costs they have already “altruistically” paid out to do so.

    Bill Gates patented the virus itself back in 2015. A vaccine is simply an injection of dead virus so your body’s immune system has time to recognize it and build up its OWN defenses before encountering the real, live version.

    Meanwhile, they keep insisting that the hydrochloroquine cure is a myth while confining people to ventilators instead, and letting them die. That’s beyond criminal negligence – it’s mass murder for money.

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