What is the real agenda behind the Covid-19 pandemic?

Plandemic ushering in the new world order. Truth in plain sight. Only dummies can’t see it. Don’t be a dummy.

Augusto Zimmermann Facebook April 22, 2020

The Covid-19 has been deemed a “pandemic” by the deeply discredited World Health Organization (WHO). In the name of fighting this alleged “pandemic”, measures have taken by the Australian government that have significant repercussions on freedom of expression, privacy, association, and other fundamental freedoms, both now and potentially for an unlimited period of time.

Due to government action, countless people in Australia are already enduring deeply stressful and traumatic events, including job loss, destitution of money, marriage breakdown, parental alienation, and inadequate supplies of food and other essentials.

Government agencies are also acquiring extraordinary powers to monitor people and to detain law-abiding citizens.
So I was delighted to see at least one member of federal Parliament, Senator Cori Bernardi, going public to denounce the existence of a more sinister agenda behind all these draconian measures.

Why are we reacting to a flu like virus by shutting down the world economy?, he asks rhetorically.

“Why do we care more about the deaths caused by this virus than we do the flu, HIV, tuberculosis, hunger, malaria, heart disease, cancer, motor vehicle accidents, suicides, or any number of other preventable deaths?

“Is it merely coincidence that many of the authorities on Coronavirus are linked to the totalitarian climate movement that has tried so hard for so long to remove our freedom and make global government by elites the centre of society?

“Why are the World Health Organisation (WHO) encouraging further lockdowns when the scientific evidence suggests the virus itself has a natural lifespan and infection peaks after about six weeks?”

And many more questions could be made to the ruling political class, but I am afraid they will never give us a clear answer.

Of course, this makes no sense until one realises that this “health crisis” is being engendered as part of a much broader and more sinister agenda to advance government control over society.

There is no doubt that the ruling class (and their fellow travellers) will fabricate any eventuality that can possibly justify why they should have more power and you should have less liberty.

Watch out my fellow Australian citizens. Watch out for the totalitarians in our midst.

The price of liberty is indeed eternal vigilance.

Prof Augusto Zimmermann PhD, LLM cum laude, LLB (Hons.), CertIntArb

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China rejects Australia’s push for COVID-19 investigation

The Corona “Confidence Trick”

No, I’m not a doctor, but let’s use some common sense here…

The corona virus and its effects may be real, yet wildly exaggerated and being capitalized on by unscrupulous politicians, the media, drug companies and the UN. This is strictly a move for more power. They’ve been prepping the public for these events by producing movies that plant the seed of “global pandemics” into your consciousness. There are over 200 movies on pandemics according to IMDb.

Why? Vaccines manufactures are legally protected from being sued. You can only petition for damages. It’s a huge cash cow for pharmaceuticals. Imagine the market demand when you are part of a massive con game to have government making vaccinations mandatory.

Playing the game of “It’s the Democrats fault” or “Trump is responsible” is utter bullshit. Both sides are pushing the issues from different angles, the goal is getting people to accept “Something must be done!” They are framing the narrative by propping up debate to meet their collective ends. They each want mass vaccinations and legal restrictions. They all make money on this. The key players are ‘getting in on the action.”

People in the media, drug industry and politicians use very specific words and phrases to create fear and doubt.  If you are in this state you aren’t going to use logic, common sense and will go to great lengths to avoid factual information.

“It’s unprecedented.”
“I don’t want to gamble my family’s life.”
“There are too many unknowns.”
“We can’t take risks.”
“We’ve never seen anything like this.”
“We need to get used to new normal.
“A post corona virus world.”

You are being conditioned to accept the governments active role in stripping your rights and giving up any responsibility. You are opening the door for unscrupulous drug manufactures to make you dependent on their “solutions” backed by government enforcement.

Prior to the 1980’s there were less than 8 vaccinations for children under 18. Today there are 32 according to the CDC.  These don’t include the boosters that double vaccinations over their 18 year period, which effectively make it over 70. The criminally minded “legal” drug cartel won’t stop at a vaccine for COVID-19, they’ll continue to push new vaccines for new strains. Fear is a motivator. Preying upon a fear is as close to evil as it gets. They are given a global audience to grandstand about a “global pandemic.” People are terrified because they implicitly trust these authorities.

Corona RNA exists in a lot of “flu-like” viruses. There is actually a patent on it and research papers on variants.  Here’s a good source of information that provides more information (use your own judgement). So yes, it’s real. The problem is it actually has a 98% survival rate for people under 70. The deaths attributed to it are false. It’s usually a secondary condition for people that already have a compromised immunity. Deaths are being disproportionally attributed to Coronavirus as the cause of death with they are likely hospitalized. It’s a massive con game being enacted to gain more government control, under the UN and create a need for more acceptance of mandatory vaccinations. It’s a money and control grab. More people die of heart disease. Other virologists have remarked on the stupidity of the process and reaction and they usually get shouted down or ignored.

Humans can naturally develop resistance. It’s called “herd immunity.” Unfortunately, people do die in this scenario, however, this is a part of life itself. The long term benefit is we collectively gain resistance. Do you feel comfortable with drug companies managing your resistance to the point you are completely dependent on their products? Judging by the statistics I’ve seen, the death rate is still less than .05.

The endgame is creating a market by producing “methods” to sell to a wider audience and use governments to force adoption and enforcement of a set of bullshit products as “prevention.” This is a single issue prevention. There will be far more manufactured reasons to get ever more vaccinations in the future. They will not stop at this. If you noticed, the pharmaceutical industry has been repurposing drugs for conditions they weren’t originally designed for. I wouldn’t doubt this vaccine has the magical property of working on several viral conditions giving them even more opportunity to poison people over time? Are you imagining the huge global market that will be created?

It’s “Snake Oil” marketing gone global by criminals in a massive confidence trick. Bill Gates and the scoundrels he bought to promote this scam are using criminal techniques that have been practiced for ages. They are a lot of “players” trying to get in on this “opportunity.”

It’s a completely manufactured crisis and a huge swindle. Bill Gates isn’t a doctor, neither is the Director of WHO. Bill Gates has been running around the world telling us the planet is overpopulated and now telling everyone vaccines will save lives. “But Bill Gates is rich!” Bill Gates didn’t write DOS, he bought it and resold it. He isn’t a genius, he was an opportunist. Why do we need to save lives if the world is overpopulated? What is the story tomorrow? Corporations and politicians are joined at the hip creating one crisis after another. The Cold War, communism, pandemics, terrorism, global warming. It never stops. It’s like they are creating new markets by creating the next “existential threat” to humanity. They’ve invested heavily into *education* that’s literally training people to be obedient, non-thinking fools, and still need more money because the education system is failing. The media provides endless streams of pointless entertainment to keep people in control. Critical thinking is lost among the general population. Speech is controlled by the PC culture so proudly virtue-signalling across every social media platform in the country a voice of reason cannot surface.

There is a huge criminal network selling one crisis after another. Global Warming, AIDS, Pandemics, the Cold War, The Y2K bug. It never stops. Fear is a motivating force. They understand this and capitalize on it. Legitimate organizations have background players in illegitimate activities like the “Mafia” who own legitimate businesses as a front.

Where exactly are the photos and videos of hospitals stacked full of people? They don’t exist, but now there are hundreds of Tik-Tok videos of doctors and nurses doing dance routines, apparently while people are dying on ventilators. Why don’t you see the rooms full of victims? Because they don’t exist.

“I’m sorry, we did every dance routine we could think of on Tik-Tok but your grandmother didn’t pull through.”

They apparently have plenty of time to screw around during a pandemic. Are you aware that thousands of people in the health care industry are actually losing their jobs during this pandemic? Other elective surgeries are not being done. Wouldn’t the ventilators used for these surgeries be available for infected patients? Are you aware millions of people are going to lose their health care after losing their jobs? Politicians that clamor about free health care don’t give a flying fuck about this issue. They want you sick, starved and fearful to remain dependent on them.

Why aren’t health care professionals in hospitals speaking up if the hospitals aren’t being overrun with patients?

  • Doing what they are told.
  • Being told the person has corona virus.
  • Not asking questions,
  • Not questioning what they see.
  • The fear of being ostracized.
  • Fear of losing their medical license or livelihood.

Social media sites are shutting down debate and calling anyone who questions the acceptable narrative as conspiracy theorists. They are labeling any questions as “fake news.” People are being condemned and criticized for asking legitimate questions. Social media has essentially become a police force to enforce acceptable social behavior and thought. The CEO of YouTube said during a video they are removing all videos that talk about vitamin to treat this infection. I’d remind you vitamin C was used to prevent scurvy. Vitamin D deficiency cause rickets and a host of health problems. The efficacy of vitamins has long been established for human health.

It’s a completely manufactured crisis based on an abstraction of an illness you can’t see and little in the way of a test that isn’t available. Testing specifically for RNA signature of  corona would mean a high rate of positives because that RNA isn’t unique among this class of viruses. It’s a perfect platform to broaden the scope of testing and creating more money for pharmaceuticals in testing and vaccinations. There are at least 7 other variants of this specific RNA. Sure, you may have it and not get sick and die. You may be listed as a carrier to restrict your movement, question it and you are a “troubled, mentally ill conspiracy theorist.” Do you feel comfortable with the scenario?

Go to any doctor for a condition and they’ll run a test to determine what drug to put you on. It’s not a treatment. A treatment is a process, not a drug itself. People have been conditioned to accept drugs as a treatment and nutrition since the 50’s. Heart disease and cancer are still the top killers. Where exactly is the outrage to prevent this? These are real epidemics. The current medical establish will simply put you on a drug protocol and manage your death over time. The money continues to roll in. The best course of action is diet, exercise and sanitation. Preventative health care is almost non existent.

There were 271 CEO’s that stepped down before this because they knew the market would crash. Several congressmen dumped stock. This isn’t fiction. This implies foreknowledge among the Elite. They are literally squeezing whole populations in this manufactured crisis. The players in this racket are embedded in organizations and governments around the world.

The U.S. has a history of being lied into wars, bailouts and the population believes everything they’re told to believe and can only argue within a framed narrative. Right now, the media is “combating” *false* information on what the establishment doesn’t want people to hear. Critical thinking is dangerous when billions of dollars are at stake.
There’s also the problem of a rash of politicians making stupid decisions in order to appear to be taking “active measures.”  Stupidity multiples in the right environment.  That environment is fear and ignorance. There’s also the “Fear of missing out” of taking “critical action.” We don’t need to shut down the economy or have draconian restrictions in small-town America. The ineptitude and lack of critical thought is frankly astounding to me. The projected numbers and death tolls aren’t stacking up to the projections and they literally have to manufacture data to get the fraction of it by claiming it was a primary cause of death, by people who were already ill. Shutting down the economy is going to have a greater impact that the virus was purported to have,

I’m just a man with an opinion, there are more people more knowledge about the issue than me and they are being threatened, downplayed or suppressed. If this issue can’t be freely talked about, you know it’s a scam.

Think for yourself, question everything.