All your wealth are belong to us

Many in the West cannot believe what Sharia advocates.

In this fatwa, Ibn Taymia says: “NonMuslims CANNOT own their wealth legally and they have NO RIGHT to freely dispense or use any of what their hands have. Possessions of non-Muslims are the legitimate right of Muslims to seize by force.” The beauty of Sharia, Folks!

Even though most of Sunni Muslims claim that they follow one of the four scholars, they actually follow the most fanatics, Ibn Taymia, and Syaed Qutb and Al- Mawdoudi.

In this fatwa, Ibn Taymia says none of the non-Muslims owns anything and it is the legitimate right of the Muslims to take by force what the Kafirs have.

Spain while under Muslim rule, has been invaded many times by African Muslims from Morocco and Mauritania, was indulged in countless civil wars, and was divided into more than 30 different fighting states which invited Christians’ assistance in their wars against each other. They made the Christian Reconquista so easy by killing each other.
Now, some fakers are trying to rewrite history and call it Andalusian paradise under Islam.

IF #Spain had not been liberated from the Muslim invaders, #Columbus wouldn’t have discovered America. The age of European exploration, enlightenment & renaissance only came after Europe kicked out the Believers who prefer to be stuck in the 7th century. With them gone, Europe’s money could finally be spent in the interest of civilization, rather than war.

That’s why I’m so FED UP with Leftie writers who call the genocide of Christians in Spain an “enlightenment”, their fleeing Islamic invasions a “migration”, their treatment as dhimmis as “peaceful coexistence,” the Spanish taking back their lost territories an “invasion” & the re-introduction their culture–lost & trampled for 800 years by foreign occupiers– as “intolerant.” And WORST OF ALL, calling the bitter occupation & utter annihilation of Spanish cities: “The … GOLDEN … Age.” GOLDEN?? WTF!! When Ferdinand & Isabel liberated Toledo & other cities, not a single Christian nor dhimmi could be found there. These cities had to be repopulated & re-culturized.

That depopulation was also part of the weakening of the caliphate: as there was no more wealth to loot, no more #dhimmis to tax cos they all “migrated”, no more Christian to enslave. Parasites get weak when mother tree has no sap left.

The deceit by so-called academics & MSM about #Andalusian “paradise” comes straight from the pit of hell!

Cover picture of book below: taking captured Spanish Catholics to the slave market.