BoJo is aiding & abetting the Islamic invasion of the UK

UK: Johnson government flies Muslim migrants in from Greece, adding to the 1,000 illegals arriving during lockdown

BoJo is a fraud & an enabler of the Mohammedan scourge.

Greece: Muslim migrants trash church, use it as a toilet

Here yet again, the “refugees” who claim a right to enter Europe on humanitarian grounds behave like invaders, not like people who are in desperate straits and in need of aid. They also do not hesitate to demonstrate their contempt for Christianity, which is line with the Qur’an’s characterization of Christians and other “unbelievers….

Germany: Muslim migrant kills his wife, the mother of his three children, in the middle of the street

Where would we be without Mohammedanism?

Taliban announces it will begin jihad against India as soon as Ramadan ends

Why wait?

Florida: Saudi Muslim pilot who murdered three at naval air base was al-Qaeda jihadi, spent years planning attack

Gee, and you thought it was another case of workplace violence, didn’t you? Or was it the police who said it?

Ramadan in India: Muslims throw bombs and torch Hindu businesses, police stand by and do nothing

That’s because the police are also Mohammedans. India should not allow them to police their own areas.

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