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Ramadan in Afghanistan: Muslim murders three civilians and wounds 15 in jihad suicide bombing in Kabul

Israel: 19-year-old “Palestinian” Muslim stabs 62-year-old Israeli woman

Halal: How Non-Muslims are Being Forced to Pay for Islamic Expansion

CAIR slams General for “revolting promotion of the anti-Muslim trope that Muslim youth in UK engage in sex crimes”

Robert McCaw and the others at Hamas-linked CAIR are banking on the ignorance of the public. The phenomenon of Muslim rape gangs in Britain is well known to those who dare to face the facts. The Guardian reported in October 2014 that “sexual exploitation of vulnerable children has become the social norm…”


Finland to take 130 refugees, mostly children, from Greece
The children will be relocated by the end of May, the Greek migration ministry said.
They are not ‘children’, they are young men of military age, and they are not ‘refugees’. No Moslem is a refugee. All Moslems are soldiers of allah.

Pakistan’s minister of state for parliamentary affairs: “Beheading is the only punishment for those who mock Prophet Muhammad”

What are the chances that Pakistan will repeal its draconian blasphemy laws, under which so many innocent people have been victimized? About nil. “Pakistan minister calls for beheading of blasphemers,” UCA News, May 1, 2020