Minneapolis: Police Brutality Causes Wide-Scale Looting & Arson

“I can’t breathe” is the slogan of the day

The usual suspects are inciting a race-war.

US: Black Lives Matter protesters loot stores, attack police, and set fire to buildings (VIDEO)

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Riots break out in Minneapolis as protests over death of George Floyd intensify

Wide-scale looting will make things right, no?

Protests have erupted in Minneapolis, Los Angeles and Memphis as hundreds of people gather in a call for justice over the death of George Floyd, who suffocated when he was handcuffed and pinned to the ground by a Minneapolis police officer on May 26. Support from the National Guard has been requested in Minneapolis to combat looting and rioting amid the protests.

It’s not only niggas looting. White trash also comes for their ‘fair share’:


This is what leftard “activism” looks like… stealing/looting from your fellow citizens in your community for something they had absolutely nothing to do with. At least Karma hit the dude at the end of video.


Dead nigga justice: fun for the whole family.

Yes, it’s a race war:

The #FakeNewsMediaClowns called people peacefully protesting at the Minnesota State Capitol terrorists. But the people looting stores, destroying property and starting fires in Minnesota are called protesters. Am I missing something here?