Twitter Warning, Facebook Censorship

Nigel Farage:

6 illegal migrant boats intercepted in the Channel already today, another big number after yesterday’s record. Don’t expect much comment from mainstream media.

UK: Brexit leader Farage says he won’t let police stop him from reporting on illegal migration

UK: Muslim people smuggler says, “If police catch you, they never send you back. It’s secure to go, no danger”

The migrants are coming from Iraq, Syria, Kuwait, and Iran.

Twitter Will Now Warn You If You Are About to Post Wrongthink

Twitter Will Now Warn You If You Are About to Post Wrongthink


60 Conservative Orgs Call on Facebook to Scrap ‘Oversight Board’
Tech Investor Jeffrey Wernick Blasts Facebook’s Oversight Board as ‘Technofascism’
Investigate Facebook’s Censorship of Laura Loomer

Israel: Police called on to arrest Muslim cleric who declared “we’ll conquer the world and rule it through Islam”

Germany: Police union chief blasts Merkel’s government for no ban on flights from coronavirus-ridden Iran

New York: Muslim Brotherhood activist says “If you have contracted coronavirus, you should exact revenge!”


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  1. Re: “FRENCH PAY €6.6 BILLION ON DEATH CULT LAST YEAR Population replacement without consent of the native tribes
    …and no Frenchman or woman was ever asked if they wanted this.”

    Sure they were – they had a clear choice between nationalist LePen and globalist Micron, and voted for their own doom.

    You can’t fix stupid, which is why we Bourbons left.

    1. I beg to differ. The voting system in France is rigged. The French & the Germans did not vote for their own replacement.

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