“Systemic Racism?” No such thing.

The only #SystematicRacism that exists is in the race-industry!

Degenerates in search of a cause:

Julia, a 51-year-old white Australian from Woollahra, was attending her first protest about Indigenous issues, though she had previously rallied for climate change and asylum seekers.

Same old shiite.

“…it always was and always will be Aboriginal land,”

You get what you pay for. We are paying for you lot, not the other way ’round.

The Animals are running the Zoo

Here’s something you won’t read in the media –
Indigenous people make up 3.3% of Australia’s total population, yet:
– Indigenous people commit 15.7% of homicides
– 20% of Indigenous Australians experience domestic abuse in the household.
– 25% of children who are sexually or physically abused are Indigenous.
– Indigenous children are 7.5 times more likely to be victims of child sexual or physical abuse (this figure is tragically underreported in the Indigenous community).
– Illicit drug use by indigenous people is twice as high as that of the general population.
– 28% of all indigenous people have used illicit drugs in the past 12 months. Compare that to just 13% in the general population.
Mentioning statistics isn’t racism. It’s fact.
Racism will sadly always exist, but the myth that systemic racism dominates the Australian culture of today is an outright lie.
People cite that the over-policing in Indigenous areas results in a higher incarceration rate. This is true, but it’s not a factor of race. As I’ve stipulated, Indigenous communities have higher rates of crime and therefore an increased police presence in these areas is not racist, it’s just common sense and simply efficient policing.
Wondering why they are overrepresented in Australian prisons? It’s because the statistics demonstrate that they commit more crime. Never forget that those who suggest their incarceration figure should reflect the Indigenous population of Australia (3.3%), are trampling on the graves of the many Indigenous people who are the victims of sexual, physical, domestic and substance abuse.
So why is it that I’m posting this? It’s for the sake of the people breaching COVID restrictions today putting themselves and the rest of the country at risk. It’s for the sake of the Australian businesses whose operation WILL be stopped or damaged in some way by these protests. And it’s for the sake of these misguided protestors who are giving up their time based on a false media narrative.
Perhaps we should focus on the two real issues facing society being the heinous police brutality inflicted equally upon ALL races in this country and the disappointing crime statistics that continue to occur in the Indigenous community today, whether that be due to historical racism, cultural issues or socio-economic factors.
The first step starts with ending the myth that the Australian law enforcement of today is driven by systemic racism, because victimisation doesn’t solve a single thing.
Signs, many painted in the Aboriginal flag, included “No pride in genocide”, “Aus is not innocent” and “Racial injustice is a global pandemic”.

One thought on ““Systemic Racism?” No such thing.”

  1. “Corruption” (of thinking) IS to be irresponsible; a libertine, taking liberties with and stealing others’ rights by dumping their own responsibilities onto them. And since no one has a valid logical right to do so, one must invoke emotion and slander them by pretending one is a fearful, helpless victim … of theirs!

    Libertines, as hypocrites, are also fantasists, all about embracing their double standards (where they are always heroic righteous victims, entitled only to pity, while everyone who dares to object to that lie must be their wrongful oppressors, entitled only to righteous anger and hate for their lack of pity) in the face of all evidence to the contrary, so in stead of letting inferiors know their place, they encourage mutiny and sedition in order to rule over them as “liberators” while blaming the superior Whites for simply existing. Thus their “egalitarian” gangster might-made-right communism is based only on jealousy and unattainably unrealistic fantasy goals of “equality” which can only be even pretended to be achievable by extending that same accusatory slanderous offloading of their own responsibilities for self-control and self-reliant improvement onto those who will always remain their superiors, but are not responsible for their inferiority: Whitey did not need to steal anything from his inferiors, nor are they inferior only because he had to keep them down!

    The attitude of non-Whites, women and gays to White chads is that of people who can appreciate fine art and great sports plays: Just because one can admire something doesn’t automatically qualify one to be able to imitate it or exceed it, to become great artists or professional athletes without trying!

    Not does its existence in any way make one inferior – that condition always existed, and will continue to exist until one makes an effort to change the discrepant status by improving one’s self, not by tearing down that which one admires.

    Admiration leads to a choice: admire it, envy it in the hope of being able to emulate or surpass it, or become jealous of it and seek to destroy it – the latter of which still will never serve to let one forget one’s inferiority!

    That latter approach is, instead, literally insane, while to encourage it in others to enrich one’s self is only slightly less so. And only jealous inferiors act that way!

    Who (otherwise pointlessly) complains all the time about others’ “racism!” when after all, without racial preferences, no “races” could exist at all?!

    Who invented “critical theory” as if perpetual slander in aid of perpetual extortion (slavery) was a lucrative, “good” thing?!

    I think there *may* be only one inferior jealous breed behind all this destructively lucrative jealousy across the globe after all!

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