Diversity Sucks

In case you forgot, Bank of America donated $1,000,000,000 to BLM.

Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘madam’ Ghislaine Maxwell, has been arrested…

How long until Ghislaine Maxwell is “suicided”?

Ghislaine Maxwell didn’t kill herself.

THIS IS NOT GOOD: In May Reports Came Out that Bill Clinton Dated Ghislaine Maxwell – Now She’s Under Arrest – What Next?

The only thing I hate is that they are likely to be released a few hours later.The Summer of Love was a short season.

When did Libturds ever take personal responsibility for any of their own f*ckups?

Claira Janover has earned up thousands of dollars from her “ordeal” of being canceled for threatening to stab people and conservatives are supporting her. You hate to see it.

Yesterday: If whites refuse to date N*ggas it’s racism. Today: this.

Fox is turning into a clown show like CNN fake news:

One thought on “Diversity Sucks”

  1. Re: Alexander Leon @alexand_erleon “Sexual racism is racism. If you’re white & you find yourself writing off an entire ethnic group from your dating or sex life because you can’t imagine finding them attractive, recognise this as a learnt behaviour which originates in white supremacy.”

    We have to start impaling some libtards on public TV now, if only for the good of the others! They have to be taught that real objective pain trumps subjective fear (aka “offensively hurt feewings”)! and that speech is NOT violence!

    Further, morons like this need to be reminded that ALL “races” (breeds of humans) are “racist!”

    Guilty White liberal racists like this moron can and do only blame Whites as being the only real “racists!” possible, because of their allegedly power-imbalanced “privilege,” (however parochially limited to The West it might be in reality) because they know it’s true: Whites ARE indeed born privileged – but only by having higher intelligence than all the other breeds. And the other breeds know it, too – which is why they usually choose to go along with the Guilty White liberals’ victim-blaming anti-White racist slanders all the time.

    Anyone can appreciate great art and sports plays, but not everyone can become a talented artist or professional athlete. One can passively admire it, envy and seek to emulate it – or destructively resent it and seek to destroy it from impotent jealousy.

    But choosing to feel impotent and jealously “hateful!” all the time, IS a choice; and it’s one only paranoid masochist hypocrites make.

    So, instead of choosing to passively admire or actively and enviously seek to do better than other Whites, libocrites, being paranoid and masochistic traitors, choose to Submit to their own worst-case scenario internal fears of the threat of non-White might-makes-right numerical superiority, and throw the rest of us under the bus in advance by pretending to show solidarity with and falsely validate and justify those others’ jealous rage. As if us normal people don’t have anything better to do than use up all of our energy plotting ways to keep the non-Whites down, and design racist systems so we can inflict “systematic racism” on everybody else just for the fun of it.

    Only Whites are made to feel guilty for other races’ failures. Whites are the global minority. Whites are superior, having invented everything. But masochistically dummying ourselves down isn’t a valid way to take responsibility for “causing other races to fail.” Giving away everything we have invented built and earned to those incapable of maintaining it, is also an act of irresponsible insanity.

    And in reality, ALL “races” (breeds of humans) ARE “racists” (and White supremacists, too, because it’s hard to ignore that Whites have invented everything) – although most non-Whites won’t admit to it LOL!

    “Racism” is only one’s brain’s own pattern-recognition ability + one’s free-association right to associate with people one finds compatible, and/or to not associate with people one finds incompatible. (To force people to associate with those they find incompatible is called ‘slavery’).

    So, without “racism,” no “races” would even exist!

    And by that definition and those criteria, Whites are the least racist race on Earth, with the Asians and Hindus being the most racist (since they obviously prefer their own kind so much that they’ve reproduced the most of them) followed by the Negroes and then the brown non-Whites.

    No Asians push for more racial “Diversity!” in Asia, no Blacks push for it in Africa, no Hindus in India. None of them accuse the others of being evil racists just for preferring their own kind. Only Whites do that. Only Whites pretend not to notice that only they do that sort of thing, too. The fact that all “anti-racism” campaigns run by guilty self-hating White liberals, are also all “anti” and against only White “racists” alone, will eventually bite them on the ass, and they won’t care because avoiding responsibility is their forte.

    But if guilty White self-hating liberals continue to get away with conning and enslaving the entire world to their anti-White genocidal madness, they won’t be happy until the West is demographically equal to the rest of the world’s population proportions:

    7% white, 8% brown, 15% black, and 35% each Asian & Hindu.

    That genocide won’t improve the lives of non-Whites at all – in stead, it will only reduce the global proportion of Whites to under 1%.

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