This revolution is driven by hatred & stupidity

In the past week 112 people have been shot in New York City, 77 people shot in Chicago over the weekend, none by police.

Maybe the police aren’t the problem.


NYTimes: ‘Nothing to See’ as Murders Spike 22 Percent Amid Protests

BLM Protester Who Led Attack On NY Baptist Church Works For Mayor’s Office — Previously Convicted Of Nearly Beating Gay Man To Death 

That tells us that he is a Mohammedan. BLM consists mostly of soldiers of allah.

A Tweet identifies a ringleader of the mob as Lukee Forbes, who the social media user said works for Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan — Forbes is reportedly a program assistant for the city.

The Albany Times Union identified Forbes, who has a violent criminal past, as a vocal advocate in the region’s Black Lives Matter movement.

George Soros-backed DA Charges Couple with ‘Hate Crime’ for Painting Over ‘Black Lives Matter’

Vandalizing vandalism is a hate crime now.

Contra Costa County, California, District Attorney Diana Becton, who was backed by left-wing billionaire George Soros in 2018, has charged a couple with a “hate crime” for painting over a “Black Lives Matter” mural on the road.

In a press release Tuesday afternoon, Becton’s office announced that Martinez, California, residents Nichole Anderson and David Nelson were being charged with three misdemeanours for their actions, including “violation of civil rights.”

A Soros-backed DA Charges Couple w/ ‘Hate Crime’ 4 Painting Over ‘Black Lives Matter’ Painting over the slogan Black Lives Matter is a hate crime? BULL! That slogan aims hate at every WHITE person in this country. It represents Mayhem, Violence & Murder!

EQUALITY: It’s acceptable to vandalize a city in the name of Black Lives Matter – but if you vandalize a BLM mural you’re going to prison?
Ilhan Omar has paid new husband’s consulting firm $878,000, filings show

WASHINGTON — Rep. Ilhan Omar has continued quietly funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars to her new husband’s consulting film, including a $189,000 windfall in March — just weeks after they announced they had tied the knot, campaign data shows.

It’s as if treason doesn’t exist anymore.

‘Communism Will Win’: Vandals Deface Victims of Communism Memorial Site

Pro-Palestinian BLM Rallies in U.S. Call for ‘Death to Israel, Death to America’
Black Lives Matter Protest Joins ‘Allah hu Akbar’ Chanting Pro-Yemen Demonstration


One Dead, Three Injured After Afghan Migrant Goes on Stabbing Rampage

A 19-year-old migrant from the Ivory Coast has died after being stabbed to death by an Afghan asylum seeker in the notorious Moria migrant camp on the Greek island of Lesbos.