Islam is the biggest danger to our society

The OIC- United Nations refugee agency advised Britain not to interdict the flow of Mohammedan migrants coming across the English Channel, saying that the flow is small and manageable.

Meanwhile, asylum applications in the EU tripled in a single month, despite the coronavirus.

‘Ilhan Omar has almost certainly committed the most extensive spree of felonies by a congressperson in U.S. history’
Ilhan Omar will not be prosecuted, or even investigated. She can do whatever she wants. Why? Because she is a leftist, a black person, a woman, and a Muslim. Those are the groups that really have privilege in American society today. Those four aspects of Omar’s identity are the reasons why she will….
Ilhan Omar: ‘I Seen My Opportunities, and I Took ‘Em’
 Indifferent to past criticism of her practice of using most of her campaign funds to pay her husband for political consultancy work — which effectively means to pay herself – Ilhan Omar continues her scandalous self-dealing. The story is here. The spigot at the Minnesota …Read More…by Hugh Fitzgerald

Seven (Musel-)men in court accused of rape

The latest ‘grooming gang’ for rape and prostitution trial. SEVEN men made their first appearances in court yesterday on a raft of historic rape charges against children said to have been committed in Keighley a decade ago. They all appeared separately in the dock at Bradford and …Read More… From the Telegraph and Argus
Mohammedans make up the dumbest shiite, insisting infidels believe them.
 A man accused of planning a terror attack has told a court he researched the Islamic State group because he believed it was “created by America”. Hisham Muhammad, of Victoria Avenue, Bury, is accused of planning both a “lone-wolf attack” and a drone attack. The …Read More…From the BBC and the Daily Mail