Islamic State militants have slipped into Europe (no shiite!)

We all know that.

No Moslem is a refugee. All Moslems are soldiers of allah. Trained terrorists have been part of any migration racket to the west.

They are also telling their people to burn stuff.
German spy agency says ISIS sending fighters disguised as refugees

BERLIN (Reuters) – Islamic State militants have slipped into Europe disguised as refugees, the head of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency (BfV) said on Friday, a day after security forces thwarted a potential IS attack in Berlin.

Hans-Georg Maassen said the terrorist attacks in Paris last November had shown that Islamic State was deliberately planting terrorists among the refugees flowing into Europe.

Priti Patel says migrants flee across the Channel from ‘racist’ France

They have no choice, you see.

If  France is ‘racist’, isn’t Britain worse? Nevertheless, Pritti Prattel drums up sympathy for the invaders. Which side is she on?

16 August 2020

Dozens more migrants arrived on 15 August

Dozens more migrants arrived on 15 August. Picture: PA

Home Secretary Priti Patel has said migrants are crossing the Channel to Britain because they believe France is a “racist country” where they may be “tortured”.

According to reports, Ms Patel made her comments in a conference call with Conservative MPs concerned about the recent upsurge in numbers attempting the dangerous voyage in small boats.

Government sources said she had made clear that she did not share those views and was simply explaining the “pull factors” which led so many migrants to risk their lives in this way.