Migration Jihad, Nigeria Jihad & Vehicle Jihad

BREAKING: ISIS Jihadists have taken hundreds of hostages in northeast Nigeria, locals and militia sources say. They overran the town of Kukawa, seizing people who had just returned home after spending two years in a displacement camp – AFP

Nigeria: Muslims murder 11 Christians, including 16-year-old girl, loot and burn village

No one cares. Wrong victims. If the perpetrators and victims were reversed, which would never happen and should never happen, this would get international attention. Commissions, studies, feature articles, government inquiries about Christian “Islamophobia.” But this? No one cares. In fact, if you report on incidents of this kind, you’re a “white supremacist.”

Isis fighters posing as refugees are being smuggled to Europe on migrant boats, report says

Islamic State fighters are taking advantage of the current migrant crisis in the Mediterranean

Militants have reportedly seized control of boats leaving northern Africa, taking a profit and smuggling their own members on board

German ‘news source’ RTL omits mention of fact that driver charged with negligent homicide is Syrian migrant

Vehicle jihad becomes a simple traffic accident. The people know, but the Merkel regime ignores it.

Sudanese migrant Abdulfatah Hamdallah who drowned in Channel trying to reach Britain – as it’s revealed he was 28 not 16, and had been sleeping rough in France for 2 months 
PICTURED: Sudanese migrant Abdulfatah Hamdallah who drowned off France
PICTURED: Sudanese migrant Abdulfatah Hamdallah who drowned off France
  • Sudanese migrant washed up on a beach in Calais after trying to cross to the UK 
  • He fell into Channel after craft was punctured by a spade being used as an oar
  • Although his friend survived, Mr Hamdallah’s body was found seven hours later
  • The pair lived in the Calais Jungle migrant camp before they tried to reach UK
  • The death comes as figures reveal 164 migrants in 11 boats reached UK yesterday
Abdulfatah Hamdallah, who could not swim, had set off from Calais. He lived in the Calais Jungle migrant camp before trying to reach the UK.
Yesterday there was a media storm that a 16-year-old had drowned.
Today we learn he was 28 and had applied for asylum in France already. From the broadcasters not a word.
His death is tragic but the truth matters too. — Nigel Farage
Pritti Prattle is upset:
Which side is she on?
More on the situation in Nigeria below the fold.

SIS jihadists have taken hundreds of people hostage after a ferocious firefight with soldiers guarding a Nigerian town.

Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP), also known as Boko Haram, rolled into the town of Kukawa in the Lake Chad region in 22 trucks at around 4pm on Tuesday.

‘The terrorists engaged soldiers guarding the town in a fierce battle,’ said Babakura Kolo, head of a local militia.

The people of Kukawa had only returned to their hometown two weeks ago after spending the last two years living in a refugee camp near the Borno state capital following a bloody attack on their settlement in November 2018.

Residents of Kukawa, escorted by the military, had returned to the town on August 2, on the orders of the Borno state authorities

Residents of Kukawa, escorted by the military, had returned to the town on August 2, on the orders of the Borno state authorities

They were provided a military escort and ordered to leave the refugee camp on the outskirts of Maiduguri, 120 miles away, by Borno state authorities on August 2.

A local chief who accompanied the residents to the town said the people had returned with the hope of cultivating their farmlands ‘only to end up in the hands of the insurgents’.

‘We don’t know what they would do to them but I hope they don’t harm them,’ said the chief, who asked not to be identified for safety reasons.

A security source who confirmed the incident to AFP said fighter jets were deployed from Maiduguri on Wednesday to ‘tackle the situation’, without giving details.

The decade-long jihadist conflict has forced around two million out of the homes, most of them from the northern part of Borno.

Many have moved into squalid displacement camps in Maiduguri, where they rely on handouts from international charities.

In the last two years, local authorities have been encouraging the displaced to return home, despite concern by international charities that this is not safe.

Residents have been returned to five major towns since 2018, where they are confined under military protection, with trenches dug around towns to try to fend off jihadist raids.

Nigerian soldiers have been fighting jihadists in the country for more than a decade (file photo)

Nigerian soldiers have been fighting jihadists in the country for more than a decade (file photo)

Despite the fortifications, the insurgents have continued to launch attacks.

Residents who venture out to work on their farms or collect firewood have been killed or abducted.

The United Nations last Friday said 10.6 million out of the 13 million people in the conflict-ravaged states of Borno, Adamawa and Yobe would need humanitarian assistance this year.

It said the figures represented a 50-percent increase since last year, and the highest tally since the beginning of the joint humanitarian response five years ago.

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  1. IIRC the previous Nigerian president (a Christian) hired mercenaries(mostly white) and they cleaned Boko Harem out of Nigeria in 3 months killing 90% with the rest fleeing to surrounding states. However the now incumbent muslim president found no need for them and as the Nigerian army is mostly under muslim control(Like in the genocide of the Christian Ibo) it cannot be trying too hard. The ONLY way that the Nigerian Christians will ever be safe is to kill enough muslims and to force them on their knees and to keep it that way . But the Christians as usual expect someone else to fight their battles for them. Pacifism vs muslims or communist is suicide.

    1. I remember when Hussein Obama & Shrillary replaced the Christian with the Moslem.

      From that day on, Boko Haram was literally eradicating the Christians.

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