Using Covid19 to Advance Agenda 21 & 30

NOT A COINCIDENCE: Federal debt, COVID lockdowns, BLM protests & CAIR are all connected

Every American should start writing a diary, or preserving the hard copies of things — artifacts, news articles, objects bought from stores…because we ARE under attack. And incidences that may seem like isolated events (the skyrocketing federal debt, the loss of America’s entrepreneurial spirit, COVID 19 lockdowns that destroy businesses, Black Lives Matter protests, and anti-Semitic movements) are not isolated at all. It’s not a coincidence all these happened at once. And now, as seen in recent protests, BLM Marxists, anarchists, AND islamists (CAIR) are all working together. Our churches MUST wake up, because it’s the only way we can fix this.

Last Wednesday, Glenn broke down how the draconian shutdowns, public/private partnerships, and push toward a global final authority we’ve seen during the coronavirus pandemic all lines up with “United Nations Agenda 21.” In an extended interview, Glenn speaks with “Behind the Green Mask : UN Agenda 21” author Rosa Koire about how deep-seated Agenda 21’s goals have already become in our own communities. But those pushing for global governance in the wake of this pandemic have severely misjudged the American people!