Alinsky, gaslighting & terror by the government against the people

Saul Alinsky on ‘Rules for Radicals’ and the 2020 Election
Saul Alinsky, a professional organizer with a strong aversion to welfare programs, is shown in this photo dated Feb. 20, 1966 on Chicago's south side where he organized the Woodlawn area to battle slum conditions. Alinsky organized the Woodlawn area to battle slum conditions. (AP Photo)

Virgil conducts an imaginative interview with Saul Alinsky, questioning Alinsky on each of his 13 ‘Rules for Radicals.’

Hillary Clinton: Trump, GOP’s ‘Lust for Power’ Is Destroying Our Institutions

30 Shot Friday into Sunday Morning in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago

Black Lives Matter Occupies Trader Joe’s

These communists are vile, destructive & obsessed.

Changing the climate one arsonist at the time…



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