Civil liberties, Trump, Soros & Nanshee’s fake condemnation

Notice the latest attempt to shut up people by the Left?

  • You can’t criticize George Soros because “anti-semitism”

    You can’t criticize Hillary because “sexism”
    You can’t criticize Obama because “racism”
    We know the playbook.


“Greatest intrusion into civil liberties” in American history, Barr says of state’s handling of COVID-19, says states should attempt to seek less intrusive means of accomplishing public health goals

Coulter: Simple Ideas to Ensure a Trump Victory!
“The 1776 Commission” – President Trump Signs Executive Order to Promote “Patriotic Education” (VIDEO)

Al-Qaeda top dog Zawahiri calls Trump peace plan ‘Crusade of the Century’

Why is this freak still alive?

Pelosi Finally Condemns Rioters

Car in front of me had a bumper sticker on it. “Pray for Nancy Pelosi. Psalm 109:8.” when I got home I opened my bible and read it and started laughing. Psalm 109:8 Let her days be few and brief; let others step forward to replace her.”

Nansheee, what took you so long?

No Moslem is a refugee. All Moslems are soldiers of allah.

After Moria fire, refugees decry conditions in new camp on Lesbos

There is a lack of food, water and toilet facilities at Kara Tepe, forcing people to urinate in the sea and near tents.

They have to be evicted at once.