How Dictator Dan Terrorises Victoria

$5,000 fine for attempting to escape from Melbourne

Police arrest a woman at a Melbourne beach on the weekend.
Police arrest a woman at a Melbourne beach on the weekend.


Multicultural Victoria is insane. The Premier has said yes to handcuffing protesting grannies in a park, but no to fining Afghans actually spreading the virus.

In an extraordinary press conference on Saturday, Daniel Andrews said his police would not charge the 34 Afghans from five families who’d just got — and spread — the virus by breaking social distancing rules.

Their information was too good: “The value of the information that allows you to take one test result and then find the 33 other people who’ve got it, is much more than $1652.”

Outside, meanwhile, Andrews’ police again showed no such mercy to non-Afghans posing a health threat to no one.

Once again, they chased away women protesting in sunny parks, gang-tackled and handcuffed a man at the beach, and told an old woman to not stop for breath on her walk.


The Age runs a protection racket for the most lethally incompetent Premier: “What’s really intriguing is the gulf between Sydney and Melbourne on how the Dan take-down [in a Chris Uhlmann column] ran on Wednesday. The SMH, as always, featured Uhlmann prominently, both in its print edition and online.  Not so for The Age. He was nowhere to be seen.”


Andrew Bolt, Herald Sun

Victoria’s police state is about to get even nastier. Next: hiring almost anyone — even ethnic bosses — who can lock up Victorians on mere suspicion they’re a virus risk.

I never thought a democracy could be so easily frightened out of its freedoms by a messianic politician.

3 thoughts on “How Dictator Dan Terrorises Victoria”

  1. Politicians get votes by promising people solutions they don’t have to do anything to work for, even if those solutions can’t possibly work.

    So: Learn the lesson, liberals! If and when you agree, by electing libertines, that no one should have any responsibilities then you agree that those liberals you elect should also have no responsibility to enforce your rights to have no responsibilities, either! In other words, by electing delinquent libertine “liberal” criminals to rule over you, you elect to be enslaved by them!

    When you vote for someone to rule you, you’re telling them that you want them to do your thinking and acting for you – while simultaneously thus proving that thinking and acting about you isn’t exactly at the top of even your own list of things you really want to do or want done! So don’t be surprised when you’re nothing to them too.

    Like all criminal hypocrites, (all criminals are hypocrites, and all hypocrites are criminals) they want rights to their paychecks perks pensions and powers over you, without any reciprocal responsibilities to actually have to defend you – while they want you to have no rights to defend your self from them, but only have the responsibility to become and remain their slaves.

    Career politicians only exist to serve themselves, not their electoral districts and not their citizens. They spend most of their post-election time pandering to get re-elected, and the rest of it crafting legislation to reimburse their existing sponsors and patrons.

    And why would anyone ever hire (‘elect’) lawyers, as professional hypocrites, to rule over them anways?!

    Lawyers, as politicians, only make more and more laws to promote them selves, as “government,” while enslaving you, as “the public.” They, as all hypocrites always do, seek to offload their own responsibilities onto you by stealing your rights.

    As with all gangs of like-minded hypocrites, they only form their political parties to enhance their own powers to extort others, while limiting their personal individual culpability.

    Politicians are professional hypocrites.

    Hypocrites are selfish excuse-making liars. As lying is the most basic form of theft, all hypocrites are criminals.

    Excuse-making will never solve problems, only perpetuate and exploit them, making them infinitely worse with a “There’s No Money In Solutions” motto and approach of ongoing wilfully delinquent criminally negligent FRAUD.

    Bottom-line Conclusion: Self-enslaving by hiring criminal hypocrites as “leaders” is insane.

    As Bob Livingston recently noted, regarding “the politicians, the messengers of the state: Purge the thought that “your elected representatives” are yours. They belong to the government. The government pays them. They don’t vote for you. They vote for the government. These people get elected and go right to work for their parties, and if they do not begin raising funds and supporting their party members, they are dumped for a more pliable candidate.”

    These days, most if not ALL elected politicians are statists who always want to grow government to reward followers, who are more concerned with the ‘rights’ of their own groups (parties) than with any of their constituents, because if the other members of their party cause it to fall, they fall too.

    Similarly, they will therefore also protect their own political CLASS – members of BOTH parties – lest they all fall as one, too.

    The reason corporazi globalist traitors can puppetize the politicians is because the divisive interest-conflicted political party gangs exist at all. If there were NO funds allowed, no campaigning, but only platforms posted on free websites, and where the people could DIRECTLY appoint the elected politicians to their cabinet positions, the power of corporate money to influence elections would be reduced to near-zero.

    Each politician would then be beholden ONLY to the people who elected them, not to group-rights loyalty conflicts.

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