Londonistan turning into Wokestan thanks to BoJo

Farage: Conservative Govt Not ‘Conservative’, ‘Bowed Down Before Woke Agenda’

BoJo is a flake. Once great Britain is sinking like a stone.

Former UK Independence Party leader and Brexit spearhead Nigel Farage speaks during the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in National Harbor, Maryland, on March 1, 2019. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images)


Nigel Farage has questioned whether the Conservative Party is “conservative” at all, following its failure to handle the English Channel migrant crisis and for having “bowed” to the “woke agenda” during months of protests by the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement.

Brexit Watch’s Jonathan Saxty spoke to the veteran Eurosceptic on Sunday, asking him whether he still had faith in the Conservative government, which Britons elected into power in December 2019 with an 80-seat majority — the largest Conservative government since Margaret Thatcher was re-elected in 1987.

#Trump just got rid of this shiite. BoJo is bringing it in.:

British Army to Blow £500,000 on Woke ‘Diversity and Inclusion Directorate’

British Army to Blow £500,000 on Woke ‘Diversity and Inclusion Directorate’
Britain’s ‘Neutral’ Civil Service Infested with Radical Ideas on ‘Tackling Whiteness’

BLM Activists Demand Reparations During ‘Walk of Shame’ Protest in the City of London

Beyond parody: to what we owe the n*gga’s:!? This is bought & paid for white trash demanding N*gga’s to rule over them. Nothing could be more subversive & destructive than that.

A Pan-African Superstate? Hilarious. You could pour all the money and wealth in the world into that black hole and all you’d end up with is a down-the -pan African State.

During a “reparations rebellion” protest in London, Extinction Rebellion and BLM climate change activists demanded that financial institutions pay reparations for their role in the slave trade.

On Friday, the eco-warrior group took to the streets of the City of London for a so-called ‘Walk of Shame’ to denounce the historical ties to slavery between the Bank of England and other British financial institutions.

123 Migrants in Four Boats Reach EU via Cyprus in Two Days

123 Migrants in Four Boats Reach EU via Cyprus in Two Days