Police seems to be doing it tough these days

This is Melbournistan:

Australians are a disarmed people. They are not rioting. Not looting. They pose zero threat to law enforcement. There is NO need for this kind of police response. This is not about “saving lives.” This is about control. Anyone who thinks otherwise is kidding themselves.

They let thousands rally for BLM.

Never forget that.

Jungle Bunnies Terrorising NYC:

2nd Amendment – never limit the amount a magazine can hold…you never want to run out of ammo. Ask anyone that’s been in a firefight of their lives.


If you try to protect yourself in such a situation you are arrested and charged with murder.

BLM mob chanting “WE HOPE THEY DIE” & blocking emergency room entrance as 2 Los Angeles cops are fighting for their lives following ambush in Compton.

Looks like a midget or somebody growth impaired: