Culture Wars

UK City to Change Statues Which ‘Over-Celebrated Empire, Christianity and “Great” White Men’

Once again we get the same mind-numbing denial and willful ignorance we always see after jihad attacks.
Did they sing “imagine no more countries” already?
France: Muslim who beheaded man over Muhammad cartoons arrived in country when he was six to seek asylum

France moves to expel 231 jihadis after jihad murder of teacher who showed Muhammad cartoons

Hmm,   after every jihad attack they make  noises like that, but they never really follow up in the hope it blows over. And then it happens again.

France: 4,111 foreigners on terror list, ‘terrorist risk of Sunni origin remains the main threat facing our country’

What right do those 4,111 people have to be in France at all? What benefit does France derive from their presence? Why is no effort made to determine what the people entering the country think about jihad and infidels? Such questions cannot be asked today. They’re “Islamophobic.”