Moslem riots in Paris, al Reuters calls insurgents “unidentified people”

At least 40 people armed with metal bars and fireworks have attacked a police station to the south of Paris, police say

Spain: EU official admits 700% rise in Muslim migrants to Canary Islands is ‘unsustainable’


The Canary Islands have been swarmed by illegal Muslim migrants from Morocco and elsewhere in North Africa. The Islands have become so overwhelmed that “there is an increase of 700% compared to last year” in the number of illegal Muslim migrants who have arrived there.

Germany: Politicians demand probe into Islamic charity’s funding and ties to Muslim Brotherhood

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  1. Europe’s day of reckoning approaches. We say it every year, and it never happens. But every year it gets worse and worse. The muslims get more confident in their ability to conquer Europe and their terror keeps on being tolerated.

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