Is voter fraud no longer a thing?

Bill Barr’s remarks about what the Justice Department can/cannot investigate regarding election fraud is the lamest bullshit excuse ever. The election was a national federal election. The DOJ has full authority and a duty to investigate/prosecute election fraud.

I’m shocked that people are shocked when DemRats don’t play by the rules. When have they ever?

US election was a ‘manual on the art of voter fraud’

Sky News host Alan Jones says it is extraordinary someone like Joe Biden – who is a lunatic and prisoner of the Left – would even be a candidate for the presidency of America.

Sky News host Alan Jones says the US election saw a “veritable cascade of voter fraud” which was practically a manual on the art of it. Mr Jones spoke of an article written by Kerry Wakefield in The Spectator magazine regarding the presidential election. “Kerry makes some simple points,” Mr Jones said. “In the election the early tallies appeared, the Biden blue wave did not happen … red tallies started to fill the map of America. “As Kerry Wakefield writes, panic set in – time for plan B.” Ms Wakefield wrote, “suddenly voting stops for a few hours, Republican poll watchers are ejected from polling centres”, everyone was told voting was closed except for the Democrats who “secretly kept working”. “By morning, Biden’s vote is rising throughout the mid-west, beating Trump in some states and closing quickly in others,” Mr Jones said. “By Saturday the media has crowned basement Joe as President-elect. “As Kerry writes, it is a veritable cascade of voter fraud, practically a manual on the art of it.”

CNN busted by @Project_Veritas. Democrat partisan Mother Zucker dictates to staff what to report. Making Trump look bad a 24/7 effort.

This lady is on fire: