Censorship & Concentration Camps

Germans who repeatedly violate the state’s rule to quarantine after a COVID-19 exposure will be detained in refugee camps or detention centers.

Germany to put people in detention centers for violating quarantine rules

Germans who run afoul of quarantine rules will be held in detention centers in fenced-off areas of refugee camps under police guard.

The Washington Establishment stole the election from US. There is so much evidence. Our government certified massive election fraud. We have 4 years to show them the evidence. The elections in the US really are rigged by corrupt politicians. We need term limits.

Katie Couric: Trump Supporters Need to Be “Deprogrammed” (VIDEO)

Couric, that lowlife harlot, is a hardcore Obamunist.

I’m a white Republican Trump supporter and I need to be reprogrammed.

The CIA Has Become the KGB

Worse. The KGB is stuffed with Russian patriots. The CIA is stuffed with traitors. Like the Marxist Moslem John Brennan & clueless Clapper.

12 Nat’l Guard troops removed from Biden inauguration mission | American Military News

Libturds are literally shitting themselves. They stole the election & they know that the resistance will be fierce.

Mike Lindell Responds To Letter from Dominion Lawyer: “I want Dominion to put up their lawsuit because we have 100% evidence that China and other countries used their machines to steal the election”

Orwellian! Twitter Suspends Gateway Pundit Account for Violating “Civic Integrity” Rule — No Questioning of Election Results Allowed!

Rabbi Michael Beals of Wilmington, Delaware, compared President-elect Joe Biden to Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt — away from “an autocratic, cruel Pharaoh” — in a send-off ceremony on Tuesday afternoon.

This is no rabbi. This is a degenerate POS.

Report: Pence, McConnell, and McCarthy will Skip Trump’s Send-Off Ceremony

 Pence, McConnell, McCarthy will Skip Trump’s Send-Off Ceremony

#Trump should have stuffed the ranks with loyalist outsiders, not with swamp rats. Obama had no such scruples.

Hungary Govt to Stop ‘Shadowbanning’ of ‘Christian, Conservative, and Right-Wing’ Voices Online


The Hungarian government is following Poland in moving against Big Tech, vowing action against the “shadowbanning” of “Christian, conservative, [and] right-wing opinions”.

“‘Shadowban’ means the act of social media providers secretly, for political purposes, restricting the visibility and access of our user profile without our knowledge about it,” explained Judit Varga, the Minister of Justice in Viktor Orbán’s national conservative government, in a statement shared on social media, claiming that she has herself had “personal experience” of such treatment at the hands of “Big Tech”.