“If you people were more compliant, we wouldn’t need to keep shooting you”

Once you no longer have free and fair elections, you’re entering the realms of one-party dictatorship. As now.

Your Ballot Is Now Zimbabwean Money

Hundreds of thousands of citizens whose media lie to them, who fear that their votes were thrown away, or canceled out by fake votes, whose own party has largely abandoned them, peacefully marched in Washington. What were they hoping would happen? Their faces were mostly bright and full of faith. Did they really think Mike Pence, who sold out religious liberty for Christians in Indiana at the first hint of LGBT outrage, would do his constitutional duty?

When civility leads to death, revolting is the only logical reaction.

Who said that?

GOP is sitting back and watching them purge conservatives! They have been complicit for years. This is absolutely terrifying, this is Joe Biden‘s New America.

So, who’s going to fix this? The courts? Congress? Who? Big Tech? They’re one and the same.

They aren’t just trying to deplatform us. They aim to defame and defund us so they can ultimately destroy us.

  • Trump permanently banned on Twitter.
  • Apple to ban free speech platform Parler.
  • Google bans free speech platform Parler.
  • This is Big Tech fascism. Ban people and then ban alternative social media.

Mark the date. 8th January 2021 is when 1984 happened.

Just think about this and let it sink in, Rouhani, the President of Iran is on Twitter and once posted that he wanted to see Aayan Hirsi Ali hung from her tits in the main square of Tehran, yet the President of the United States is banned.

Planned attack, fake news reported it hours before it even happened:

President Trump’s Twitter account has been suspended, with his 88 million followers.
Ayatollah Khameini’s account is still there, so he can happily call for the destruction of Israel and the killing of Americans.
Here we are: fascism is in progress.

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  1. Truly is breathtaking. I never believed it would get this disgusting. On top of that, the tech oligarchs and the Democrat Party are PROUD of their bans and censorship. They believe it’s great!

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