Meanwhile, the Global Jihad Never Stopped

Telling Muslims ‘How to Behave’ Provokes Hatred and Terrorism

Migration from the Islamic Perspective
Jews Should Demand Compensation for Centuries of Abuse under Islam
Spain: Migrant arrival in Canary Islands up 234% from 2020, areas forming ‘where police cannot even enter’

Tragic. The socialist rabble that allows this are guilty of high treason.

France: ‘Radical mosque’ placed under surveillance, along with 76 others since December

The French announced with much fanfare that 80 mosques would be closed after the beheading of a teacher. They never had any intention to make good on that.  Now it’s just “surveillance”, and that means they will do nothing. Nothing at all.

France: An Inverted Colonization

The Religious Transformation of French Schools

Britain’s Prisons are Breeding Grounds for Islamic Terrorism

NBC’s Mehdi Hasan: ‘Far-Right Domestic Terror Threat More Dangerous Than Al Qaeda After 9/11’

For Muslim Brotherhood operative Mehdi Hasan  everyone who opposes the Islamic expansion program is a “terrorist”.

Australia: Two weeks out of jail, Muslim accesses material about jihad beheading and torture, returns to jail

“This man is now the fifth person arrested by the AFP for breaching a control order since July 2020.” Is it just remotely possible that maybe this approach doesn’t work and a new one is needed? Nonetheless, a new approach is not likely, as that would require the discarding of cherished fantasies about “deradicalization.” 

From the Religion of Peace:

Shiite Health Minister: COVID a US Conspiracy to “Finish Off” Lower Economic Classes…
Cleric Urges Muslims to Choose Quran over Logic…
Islamic Scholar: Jews are Depraved, Filthy and Treacherous…
Khamenei Posts Twitter Fantasy of Trump Getting Killed…
Denmark Admits Serious Problems with Islam and Integration…
Sharia State Vows to Pursue ‘Blasphemous’ Singer…
Hospital Fires Nurse for Reporting Sexual Harassment…
(Italy) Teen Reports Parents Attempt to Force Her into Marriage…
Rioting Breaks Out in Tunisia…
Germany Installs Different Rules for Different Worshippers?
Iraq: First Suicide Bomber Feigned Illness to Draw Others to Him…
Secular Court Frees 13-Year-Old from 10-Year ‘Blasphemy’ Sentence

Older entries:

Vienna:“Christmas tree has no business in Muslim district”

Civil war-like incidents and yells of “Allahu Akbar” again on New Year’s Eve in Vienna

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