“Nothing we can do”- Biden short of a plan on Day One

The greatest mystery of all..

After all the decades of decline and devastation…

Why do the big cities in America continue to vote overwhelmingly Democrat?

Schumer Says ‘Donald John Trump Incited the Erection’

What difference does it make?

Trump Feared More Now Than Ever

It is true he has been denied a second term. For now. But they also stole his first term from him.

L.A. Times Columnist to Biden: Open 1/6 Commission to Investigate ‘MAGA Terrorists’

Never before have they feared Mr. Trump more than they do right now. They fear him and his return so much that, instead of addressing any of the real problems facing the country today, they would rather pursue another fake impeachment trial to bar his supporters from ever electing him again to any federal office.

“We will be back,” Mr. Trump said. Yet it’s like he never left.

Pollak: Biden Kills Up to 70,000 Jobs on First Day in Office

Joe Biden Stops Wall Construction, Ends Anti-Fraud Border Program

MSNBC analyst accuses Fox News of goading viewers into ‘terrorism,’ and asks if it should be ‘allowed to exist’

MSNBC anal-ysts are full of shiite.

The Senate can’t try ordinary citizens’

Alan Dershowitz: ‘It’s clearly UNCONSTITUTIONAL’ to impeach Trump after leaving office

Nanshi Peloshi never read the constitution. She thinks she is the constitution.

Fitton: Big Tech Censorship Out of Control as Left Abuses Donald Trump with Sham Impeachment

No one would say Big Tech can keep people off because of their race, so why can they keep people off because of their political beliefs?

I’ve joined many others, including the President of the United States, in being locked out of Twitter for posting a tweet about hydroxychloroquine that I posted time and time again and that Twitter had already found to be in compliance with its rules. Without warning, Twitter told me that not only did I have to take it down but that even if I did I’d be locked out for seven days. 

Hours after taking the oath of office, President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Wednesday giving sweeping “rights” to men and women who want to live as the opposite biological sex, including allowing these transgender individuals to compete in sports.

Anti-Woke Party Calls on UK Govt to Follow Poland and ‘Outlaw Censorship’ Online

China Celebrates Wuhan Lockdown a Year Later — While Fighting Dozens of Outbreaks