Ten African savages pack rape two teenage girls in Brisbane

Ten African men have pack raped two teenage girls in a Brisbane park. Two of the men lured the girls to the park to drink alcohol and smoke drugs. When they got there, two carloads of Africans were waiting for them.

They took them to a quarry and raped them.

The media is showing this image of the quarry, and telling us they can’t name the suspects for legal reasons.

The alleged perpetrators were of African appearance. Therefore they can’t name them or show their photos because it would reinforce the reality that Africans commit crime at a much higher rate than Australians. This is despite the fact that any crime committed by a white guy, especially against a so-called “minority” is deliberately amplified,

2 thoughts on “Ten African savages pack rape two teenage girls in Brisbane”

  1. Invasion & Diversity …
    Australian Caucasian Genocide.

    Thanks Again To The …
    Marxist Socialist Communist Australian Politicians Judiciary And Bureaucrats (all parties) Controlled By Their Masters …
    The “authorities” Who Australian Caucasians Supposedly Vote For.

    With the amazing fact …
    These CRIMINALauthorities” are mostly Caucasians organising their own suicides and and our murders …
    Or In Pauline’s Case – Her Super !

    Stupidity To The nth Degree … is allowing these Crimes !!!

    Now Where Is Fraser ANNING !!!
    Oh – Fraser Was Dominioned !!!

  2. islam and diversity invited to Australia !!!

    We Didn’t.
    It Was AND Remains Against non-islam Caucasian Australian’s will …
    Our Treasonous and criminal “authorities” imported islam and Diversity into Australia !!!

    We Didn’t.
    It Was AND Remains Against non-islam Caucasian Australian’s will …
    Our Treasonous and criminal “authorities” retain islam and Diversity in Australia !!!

    However – We Do …
    Get rid of our Treasonous criminal islam and Diversity loving “authorities” !

    And – We Do …
    Get rid of the invader islam !
    Get rid of the diversifier criminal African tribals !

    islam IS NOT A RACE !
    islam … must be EXTERMINATED “Globally” !
    non-islam criminal African tribals – EXPELLED !

    a state is entitled to prevent the immigration of persons whose culture is such that they are unlikely readily to integrate into society, or at least to ensure that persons of that kind do not enter the country in such numbers that they will be likely to form a distinct and alien section of society, with the resulting problems that we have seen in the United Kingdom … [sic]

    a state is entitled to prevent and restrain the instigators of immigration of unfit persons into society,

    … and islams/moslems/muslims/muhammads (The Criminal) emulators do not integrate but create parallel societies within their host countries and eventually subjugate that naive society.

    And Then We Have The islams who are also criminal African tribals !!
    (some just have “everything” going for them … talk about both ends of the stick) !!!

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