Boulder, Colorado:”Mentally Ill” Muselmaniac Kills Ten, Biden & Obama Call For Gun Confiscation

They should call for a Moslem ban. A gun ban will do nothing to stop the jihad.


Of course he “was known” to the FBI.

Boulder Mass Shooting Suspect ‘Previously Known to FBI’

Suspect Had ‘Minor’ Criminal Record


Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa, 21, the suspected gunman in a mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado, on Monday, was reportedly previously known to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) because of his ties to another person under investigation.

Gunman ID’d as Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa…

ABC News: ‘Came to U.S. from Syria’ as a Child

Boulder, Colorado: Man who murdered 10 in supermarket shooting is Muslim with ISIS sympathies

But, but, the “right-wing extremist” threat! Anyway, now will come the establishment media hand-wringing about an “Islamophobic backlash.”

Leftist ‘journalists’ rushed to claim Boulder shooter was ‘white man,’ silent when it turned out he was a jihadi

They thought they had an incident that would shore up their sagging narrative of “right-wing extremists” being the primary terror threat in the United States. Reality once again proved otherwise. But none of these people will lose their jobs or suffer any professional consequences at all.

Boulder mass murderer is Muslim migrant and ISIS sympathizer, feds say no indication it’s terrorism

Boulder mass murderer is deeply religious Muslim who frequently railed against ‘Islamophobia’

Barack Obama: We Need Gun Control, Not Pandemics, to ‘Slow Mass Shootings in This Country’

Obama: We Need Gun Control Confiscation

Joe Biden Pushes ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban After Boulder Attack

‘I don’t need to wait another minute’

US President Joe Biden speaks about the Colorado shootings in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington, DC, on March 23, 2021. - A 21-year-old man was charged Tuesday with gunning 10 people down in a Colorado grocery store, as America reeled from its second mass shooting …

President Joe Biden called for an “assault weapons” ban following Monday’s attack at the Boulder, Colorado grocery store.

Ted Cruz: ‘Democrats Propose Taking Guns Away from Law-Abiding Citizens’

They always do. Until they succeed. And then they will go after every citizen who refuses to be a slave to the state.

Brother of Boulder jihad mass murderer detained, along with other family members

Boulder, Colorado: Brother of Muslim who murdered 10 people in supermarket says shooter is ‘mentally ill’

Boulder jihad mass murderer had planned to hit Trump rally, also checked churches as potential targets

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