Colorado Jihadist “was bullied in school for being Muslim”

The unwhite shooter & the disintegration of the narrative

Leftist ‘journalists’ rushed to claim Boulder shooter was ‘white man,’ silent when it turned out he was a jihadi

The shooter could be described as white.

But his skin color isn’t what caused him to commit the crime.

Colorado Shooter’s Facebook Page Quotes ‘Prophet’ Muhammad, States “Muslims Aren’t Perfect, Islam Is”…

Charlie Hebdo

Colorado Shooter: Friend Says He Played Race Card, Feared Being Targeted ‘Because of Muslim Faith’

Brother of Boulder mass murderer claims killer was bullied in school for being Muslim

Brother of Boulder shooter tells CNN he suffers from mental illness, was bullied in school for being Muslim & people “made fun of his name” –

Alright then, all you bully Boyz & you bully victims, here’s your get out of jail card. Get yourselves some heavy machine guns & get even!

“Bullying” is the ticket!

3 thoughts on “Colorado Jihadist “was bullied in school for being Muslim””

  1. Get The Islams Diversifiers And Their Conspirators Out Of Australia …
    And Out Of The West …

    Yesterday !! a +

  2. We must move quickly and never let this crisis go to waste as part of the Great Reset Leap Forward.
    We have dumbed down the dullard populace to dangerous levels and they are open to communism.
    Good, good, let the collectivist FAIL flow through like a bowel movement…ahhhh.

  3. Funny how the enemedia left out the quotes from his own brother ALSO saying he was a “paranoid, antisocial” asshole, too! So they lie by selective editing omissions!

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